Which one? Leatherman squirt or Gerber dime.

I need a tiny multi tool for my pocket pouch. It needs to be tough because it will sometimes be used in sandy, humid places around saltwater.
Does not have to be leatherman or gerber; but has to be small to fit in with a lumintop tool 2.0, a bic mini, chapstick, and nail clippers, has to have pliers.
All suggestions appreciated.

Leatherman is a much better choice for the quality and warranty. Their service is top notch and each tool has a 25 years warranty. Gerber feels cheap compared to Leatherman.

I agree and I’m an old USAGerber man. Leatherman is the choice

Gerber was fantastic when they used to do all their stuff in Portland. AFAIK, everything is now made in China and you can feel it.

I'm actually looking for another multitool. I got the one below from Ali. Its only $15 but then again, can't compare to the Leatherman's lol. I mean the darn thing is only 15 bucks!

Thinking about getting the Leatherman Sidekick full size though...$60 USD

or the Leatherman Skeletool CX-7 pocket-size one...$80USD

If your budget is tight, I’ve read good reviews on this one:


I’ve seen it around 20$ on Banggood

I have a Leatherman Squirt PS4 for around 5 years now and I am happy with it! It will not be the pliers you want for a thick thing or for heavy works, but it is quite reliable for what it is needed! I love the scissors and the blade too!
Major con is that to use the “side tools”, you cannot be using the pliers or vice versa!

I carry it in a Arc Bolder wallet, along with a LAMY Pico pen and Olight i3T EOS!

Yep, use it often. Can’t compare to Leatherman et al. since this is my first and only MT. The only problem it had was a dull blade. Easy to fix. Saw and blade have liner locks, which is great.

I also have a Leatherman Squirt PS4.

It's expensive, but I don't think there's any worthwhile competition for a multitool of that size (except for other Leatherman multitools.)

If you want something bigger, some of the Nextool multitools are very nice for the price.

(I own two different Nextool multitools.)

I’ve had the Dime, Travel Dime, and PS4 Squirt. There really isn’t much competition in this size category. I really wish that would change because this is such an easy size for carry. It can go on a key ring, in a fifth pocket, and most of the places people previously carried a Bic lighter. While the small size can be limiting, the sheer amount of utility packed into the space of these tiny tools is incredible.

The pliers on both multi-tools are decent. There are things to like about the Dime but ultimately, the Squirt is a better-built tool. The main place the Squirt falls flat is the bottle opener. If you regularly need a bottle opener and don’t want to carry a separate cap lifter then the Dime is a good choice. The Dime’s bottle opener can be a joy to use. An important limiting factor is its orientation relative to the ring attachment. (It can be awkward if you keep you plan to put it on a key ring.) The other tools on the Dime are so-so. The build quality isn’t great. The knife is pretty shabby, which is a shame because the shape is nice.

I really wish someone would make a better pliers-based multi-tool in this size class. Right now, my EDC includes a dedicated pocket knife, a small titanium cap lifter, and a Squirt.

Nextool actually has a mini version of the flagship pro if you want bigger scissors.

Not mine. grabbed from google. Probably from this video

That Nextool mini looks pretty good, but I was hoping for it to be cheaper...



I take that back.

The Nextool mini is almost $20 with shipping, and the Leatherman PS4 is $40 on Amazon.com

I had forgotten how much the Leatherman PS4 usually sells for, though it's probably cheaper on eBay.

So the Nextool mini is a good deal right now, especially if you want nicer scissors in a small multitool.


The Leatherman PS4 is also $40 on eBay brand new.

That's crazy expensive for such a small tool.

I have both. The Leatherman is worth the extra $. Everytime I get pinched by the Gerbers POS pliers or they slide sideways when I’ve got something clamped down, I wish I’d never bought them. Why did it and why do I still put up with them or take them instead of the Leatherman? Because it would be less painful to lose them.

I know, I know. [shakes head]

I have both the Squirt ES4 and the Dime.

As mentioned, the dime is good IF your tasks are more often
opening bottles than cutting.
I much prefer the Squirt ES4 over the PS4, because I find the PS4 pliers
to be too flimsy for most tasks.
(Wish list would be to have forceps style locking pliers to hold small items)
The ES4 wire strippers are IMHO, actually quite good for their diminutive size.

The small leathermans suck at opening bottles but are otherwise better quality. I carried the Micra for a while, the larger scissors were handy. The lack of pliers was annoying though and I EDC a pocket knife so the Micra is back on the shelf for now.

Something small with decent pliers, bottle opener, pry and drivers would be ideal. Maybe I’ll try the nextool.

Leatherman tools are tough and well made with a great warranty. Gerber use to be good but not anymore.

i use the tweezers and scissors on the leatherman micra quite a bit
not so much the blade or screwdrivers though


The ES4 performs its functions as long as you don’t overtax its limitations.

Those scissors are the sweetest. I use then regularly on tender new growth on bonsai

So I bought the Nextool 10-in-1. It broke the second time I opened it. I didn’t even have a chance to use it. The little stop for the pliers handle just snapped off. Now the handle folds out freely and can’t apply lever action to the pliers. :cry:

Looking closely, there was a little metal tab at the back of the pliers handle. That little tab was supposed to engage a little slot at the base of the pliers. The tab was long because it pulls double duty, also acting as a spring against the back of the pliers as they rotate. (That is what makes the scissors and pliers “snap” into place as they are fully opened.) I’m guessing that it was just a little bit out of spec and the tab missed the slot, causing it to simply ride up over the lip of the slot. This applied lever action to the tab, which is apparently not very flexible. Simply swinging the handle open to deploy the pliers was sufficient to snap off the tab without resistance.

This appears to be a design flaw and that’s a shame. I let myself get excited about this one. Now I guess we’ll see if banggood’s customer service is as good as AliExpress…