Which potato chips do you like?

I agree. Tim’s Jalapeno Chips are not for the timid but they set the standard for the most flavorful beer-drinking chips in existence. JMO

Errrm, how come you call them crisps?

I used to get some jalapeno and habanero potato chips from the 99 cent store but they no longer carry them. A dab of El Yucateco Habenero sauce (2oz,2 bucks) on Kirkland Organic Tortilla chips (40oz, 4 bucks) has been my choice now. The Dorito Tapatio Chips are pretty good and practically every surface is covered in spices compared to their other offerings.

Carolina Reaper Pepper Chip

Because, even though they’re based on rice instead of potato, they’re basically the same thing.

Cool article, thx!

Lol, this thread just reminded me of the Lay’s flavor parody memes. Gotta get me some 9-Volt Battery flavored. Or maybe Glowstick? Nah, gotta go with Pepperoni Dogfart… :confounded:

Just bought a bag of Great Value Queso chips. Will report back on results. who am I kidding? They are very good!

Love a strong salt n vinegar and McCoys Muchos are really nice.

I get that bit :slight_smile: My brain has you marked as being in America so i’m curious (re: nosey) as to why you call them crisps rather than chips.

Even Pringles are not “potato chips”.

Same reason I marked Anduril’s UI diagram with “hold”, “click, hold”, and “click, click, hold” instead of “click&hold”, “click, click&hold”, “click, click, click&hold”. Because it reduces ambiguity. “Chips” has more than one meaning in a food context, like potato chips, pub chips, chocolate chips, ice chips, etc… but “crisps” is pretty unambiguous.

Anybody remember Charle’s Chips? Came in a neat tin can.

Nowadays - most anything Kettle Cooked I can’t resist.

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt kettle cooked potato chips.

They are absolutely amazing. Reduced sodium, but still enough to satisfy. Excellent taste. I ate some “Lays” potato chips in comparison and they were so overloaded on salt and tasting artificial.

I was a Charles Chips route man around 1970 and bought a bag off a truck in California a few years ago, they make the best chips.

I am somewhat of an expert in this subject. Self proclaimed albeit but sadly addicted to this crunchy salty and satisfying late night snack.
I remember as a kid that Friday was pop and chips night.

I would say Lays or Ruffles plain never seem to disappoint, with S & V, and Ketchup being secondary favourites.

Now as for Dip, that is a whole different discussion, but Philadelphia French Onion dip is hard to beat.

This should greatly expand the range of advertising sponsors interested in product placement at BLF.

We prefer homemade — start with white or yellow potatoes (skin on) and yellow or orange sweet potatoes or yams (skin off). First slice very thin, microwave for a few minutes to drive off some moisture, then toss in a bowl containing a little olive oil and salt and pepper, bake in the oven on parchment paper til crisp.

:+1: yes great chips.

I’m happy to see many salt and vinegar fans. What’s the background with that flavor?