Which potato chips do you like?

I used to like kettle cooked potato chips.

Now I like chips with ridges/ripples, like Ruffles.

I have tried several flavors of Ruffles, then I tried these:

These Great Value Queso Potato Chips are now my favorite.

They have a good flavor, and a lot of it, which is what I like.

They're a Walmart brand, so if you don't live near a Walmart, you're probably out of luck.

I don't think you can buy them online.

There is also Great Value Cheddar & Sour Cream, but it doesn't have very much flavor.

I have not tried Ruffles Queso Potato Chips, so I cannot compare the two.

But these are delicious and really cheap, if you can find them.

Which potato chips do you like?

Lays lightly salted.

I actually like the Cheddar Ruffles better but they have too many chemicals to eat much of.

I love rippled potato chips. The Cheddar and Sour Cream is/was one of my favorites. I’ll have to see if my Walmart has these Queso chips so I can try them out. Thanks for the heads up!

I used to love Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream, but eventually I got sick of them.

They are way better than the Great Value Cheddar & Sour Cream, however.

I've never seen those around my town, though I do like potato skins.

I guess they're popular at The Light.

I like so many, but this is a favorite…

Semalo’s Freetaz:

One of very few that don’t make me feel sick and floating in grease if I eat more than a small portion. Light on the salt, too. I could eat these all day.

Onion & cream Pringles:

One of my favorite travel snacks, next to iced fruit where I can get those. Can’t eat more than 5 or 6 chips at once, though.

None. I do not eat junk food.
Chips remember me old meme floating around.

I am on a keto diet and keep everything on the low carb.

If I could eat junk food, it would be nachos with spicy lemon

Great Value ridged chips are the next best thing to Ruffles, for sure. No other brand I’ve tried comes close. But I don’t eat many potato chips lately. sp5it’s comment has multi-grains of truth to it. Lately I’m eating way more veggies (fresh-frozen peas, sweet corn, all sorts of beans, lentils, etc.) and foods high in complex carbs (whole grain seed bread is pretty good stuff!). My sister gave me a copy of “The China Study” and convinced me to reduce the fat intake. She has been having heart and blood glucose problems. She was told by her doctor, either change your diet and lose weight now or go on insulin and a statin. She went completely vegan, whole-foods-plant-based diet and lost 45 lbs in 6 months. At age 78 she says she feels better now than she can remember feeling for a long time. Well, I can’t be a vegan, sorry (my DW does most of the cooking and she’s a carnivore at heart… and looks from the backside like the woman on the right), but I certainly have greatly reduced my intake of animal products and vegetable oils. I’m back within my ‘normal’ weight range and have lost about 3 inches around the waist.

My favourite crisps 

are walkers cheese & onion.
My favourite chips are are the ones I make ,fat ones double cooked which gives a crisp skin & when you squeezem mash potato comes out.

Now I’m hungry.

Found these in Durango, Colorado:

So far, they’re my favorite kettle chips.

Edit to add: I enjoy their descriptions, little tidbits of info.

Tim’s Cascade Chips.

Used to be an independent brand, but I just noticed that ConAgra owns them now. Made in Washington State. You used to be able to order online, but they’re shutting that web store down this weekend.

Having tried many brands at many times, these are even better than Walker’s Cheese and Onion (would would be the next best as far as I’m concerned)!

+1, Zapp’s Voodoo chips rock.

Sadly, these have been discontinued for about a decade. Best crisps I’ve ever had though.

SE Grocers Sriracha wavy chips.

Yes! As it’s told, the flavor is a happy accident. From a little chip company, in a little town in Louisiana, to being bought by UTZ. Ron Zappe was a good man.
A bit of back-story here:

Kettle cooked jalapeño (Lay’s I believe) I may eat a dozen or so at a time once or twice a week. Don’t eat chips like I used to. Used to eat alot of Funyuns when I was young.