Which shops/sellers are (not) working during Chinese new year?

So, maybe there is interest to share some expoeriences here, which sellers are working /webshops are working and which are not working during this almost 2-week chinese holiday?

As I know, manafont is not working, lightake not working.

And I think dealextreme, dinodirect and buyincoins, for example, will work during holidays?

What about China and HongKong Post? Delays during that time fo the year?

They will take orders but nothing moves during CNY. It is like Christmas day here where everything shuts down.

Just lower your expectations during this time :)

All will stop or slow activities spring festival is strongly felt in China, and post too

Every serious seller should write that on homepage

here an example on tinydeal

TomTop is closed from the 15th to 30th. Orders will still be taken by the website but no one will process them until they get back from holidays.

The good news however is that all apamming on BLF has stopped for the duration :slight_smile:

..and those who continue to spam are the ones without a life :D

EDIT: and what about China Post and Hongkong Post?? no bud at work there?

Economy postage was one month of chaos last year.


Manafont.com closed: 19-29. Jan


Kaidomain closed: 15-29. Jan


Dealextreme closed: 21-27 Jan


I wonder if you place an order wit DX , they will ship before the 21st?

About HK Post on holidays. It will stop on Jan 21 13:00 and resume on Jan 26 09:00

there's no hope that any of the P1A orders will leave the country before the 28th then, since it's still out of stock.

From painful experience.

Don't expect anything from China to work properly till February. I've always tried to avoid ordering anything from China from early November-early February.

Works for me and avoids a lot of grief.

Not to mention saving a ton of money.

It takes longer during this period because they are using the light you ordered inside that 25-person-long dragon that is dancing down the streets of HongKong.

Well here in Singapore, we resume work on 26th of Jan, Wed. 24th and 25th are official public holidays but some companies esp the small ones already stop work on 18/19th and only start on 28th. Taiwan/China companines usually take 1 week off. It's a very big deal there.

Even if they start work, there won't be much work. Other folks are still on leave so work can't really be done. Only those who deal with overseas partners will have work to do. heh... Imagine if 3 million local folks here in Singapore can work, but the 1.3 billion and 23 million in China/Taiwan are not exactly working? Not to mention the several hundreds of millions in Thailand/Indonesia/Malaysia/Phillipines/Vietnam etc...

Seriously, i will also be taking leave and head for Indonesia this Friday and won't be back next Monday for the festivities. :)


i've ordered Nextorch Silicone Grease For Flashlights on 2012-01-14 (Sat), it was shipped today, 2012-01-16 (Mon).

no pre-ship photo this time.