Which tint is better to use to search the grass?

I have read that NW is better for colors while CW is brighter but harsher on colors.
If I would be getting a light for flood, I would get NW. For throw or or more brightness, I would get CW.
If I am getting a light which might get used outdoors but also to search for things in the grass like spent ammo casings or to check for missing/forgotten equipment or stores in the grass, which tint would be better?

neutral tints IMHO

I’d go with a metal detector…

for outside use NW is much better than CW, I have mostly CW (for sheer output) lights but my NW beats my CW lights in color rendition any day

I think it’s also depends on what it is you’re looking for. If you’re trying to pick out browns and reds from grass like if you’re hunting an animal you just shot but didn’t kill, by far warm white high CRI’s do the absolute best. Browns and reds just pop and the greens are more subdued and don’t dazzle your eyes.

NW for sure! I am slowly swapping all of my CW’s over to NW.

Couldn't agree more. High power Xenon works really well for this. I just wish Xenon's were more practical.

Thanks for the replies. I am planning to get 1 or more lights of which I can choose T6 or U2/U3.
I am not really a shooter/hunter, but I am more interested to know which tint would be better for searching things (e.g. casings, lost stuff, equipment) in the grass.
I am tending to get NW since the light will be flood and colors will look nicer, but if I am lending or giving a light to someone who also might search for things in the grass, I was wondering if CW would have any merit. Then I might choose or get an additional light as a CW light as an alternative for that purpose.

I had considered that tint might not matter as long as there is a lot of flood light if used for search purposes. But I think Mr_Krabs’ point is good in that eyes should not be dazzled so I might get just one NW light.

You reminded me of my army days. My Sarge always yelling at us to pick up more spent ammo cartridges. It’s so difficult to find these 5.56 shell when they drop onto the green green grass or sand patches. And we always end up getting screwed for not picking up enough. :slight_smile:

I’ll go with a NW. A NW tint is much better for outdoor uses. The colours show up much better than with a CW tint, which always appears washed out.

NW for sure. Even if it’s 20% dimmer it will still be easier.

Dont assume just because tint is neutral it will be dimmer. It depends on quality of led. In controlled conditions CNQG T6 xml neutral white, is brighter than DX T6 xml cool white, that came in ultrafire 501. Not just by eye but with meter.

It’s a safe assumption to make that NW will be dimmer than a CW. You do not have ‘controlled conditions’. You have wildly varying variables - unless they are both in the same light using the same driver. If so, then your CW emitter is a dud.

A T6 is a T6, that’s the flux bin of the led. If it’s rated as T6 the led will have a luminous flux between 280 and 300 at 700 ma. So there’s no way a CNQG T6 led will will be significantly brighter than a DX led unless the T6 was actually a U2 or possibly one of the rare U3 leds.

Thanks for the advices.
To clarify, I am not choosing between torch A with NW tint and torch B with CW tint, but rather whether to choose CW or NW for a torch at a purchase page, e.g. at IO and CNQG/fancyflashlights where I can choose tints for a light.

+1 neutral, seems to be easier on the eyes outdoors. I think the DX t6 i got is a dud rather than CNQG being exceptionally good. It said t6 on the advert, but what did it say on the original led reel? nobody knows, anybody can say its a t6 bin that they are selling… By the way conditions where, both leds on aluminium heatsink, same reflector, 2amp constant current source, 2 metres to meter. Whatever you buy chances are it will be the brightest in your neighbourhood. Good luck.

If both are same bin (i.e. T6) they are same brightness.

You know… I have a generic T6 drop-in that came with my Amazon.com purchased UF 502b, and I have 3 of the UF T6 XM-L T6 drop-ins from Manafont. The MF XM-Ls are quite obviously brighter than the generic T6. I know it’s an LED emitter type, but it all has to do with how it’s driven. So I can see both arguments here.

Back on topic, looks like it’s about time I get myself some NW lights. Good discussion going on here. :slight_smile:

I did not know this. Thanks for clearing that up, also can you prove this to me?

Cool white will probably no doubt be brighter and better at lighting things up. But what will be better on the eyes is a natural tint.


No matter tint, T6 has 280-299 lumen@700mA