Which TV show did you watch lastֻ

Thought it would be a good idea to collect a few good TV shows that are airing or have aired already.

I came across McMillions, a true crime documentary mini series about fraud that occurred during the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes.

What else have you watched lately? Or last year? Or which TV show is your absolute favorite?

My favorite shows:
Home Improvement
Last Man Standing
The O.C.

I started up Season 2 of Big Mouth today.

The show is pretty good, though there are better adult cartoons available.

If you like immature humor, check it out.

The Closer
Alfred Hitchcock
House MD
Best Of The Week
Fail Factory
Animals Unscripted
various Star Tracks when reception allows
Chicago PD

Red Bull Soapbox 2017 Valkenburg aan de Geu
and 2019 Helsinki

My sides hurt after watching these.

What no - Mod Squad??

Ain’t on broadcast (except maybe on The Decades on a weekend binge or sumpin’), but I wasn’t too crazy about TMS.

It was okay, but…

I am re-watching “”Curb Your Enthusiasm”“:https://trakt.tv/shows/curb-your-enthusiasm, it is just a really funny show.

Done a few during the UK lockdown.

Friday Night Dinner, binge watched the lot.
The Expanse s4
Lost in Space s2
Altered Carbon s2. Not a patch on the first.
Westworld. Lost it’s way a bit.

Outer Banks (Netflix)

An interesting TV show into the lives of haves and have-nots in OBX.

More information about the region:

What We Do In the Shadows

Absolutely, positively, stupid.
The Vampire reality TV show.
I just love it.

Go - Guillermo!
You need to start at the beginning to have a clue as to what’s going on.
All the Best,

Prison Break - I realized there is Season 5 which I never watched.

Also, someone recommended Kim’s Convenience on Netflix - added it to my watch list.

Kim’s Convenience is really funny! Funny concept, and I have only been to Canada once - so can’t tell how accurate the depiction is. But the show is great.

Limitless - its an ok show.

Just finished’ The Looming Tower’- just all round brilliant.
‘Chernobyl’ second time around.
Cardinal- another excellent Canadian series.
‘Wheeler Dealer’ , the Ed China years
‘Das Boot’ series 2
‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ funniest man on tv

Ozark :+1:

Wouldn’t hurt to watch the movie from 2014 as well. Set in New Zealand and used a bunch of locals that you will recognize from other good movies.

Binge watching 2 series

Longmire on Netflix
Your basic police drama with better than average actors.

Battlestar Galactica
I’m just barely old enough to remember the original and I’m liking this version better. I avoided it when it came out because I figured it would be a cheesy rip off. WRONG. I don’t know where to stream this one, I recorded the whole thing on my DVR when SYFY did a weekend marathon a few months ago. I was hooked after the 2 hour pilot alone.

I really liked BattleStar. The new version.
The old one was way too hoakey. Could no get passed Ben Cartwright (of Bonanza) being in it. I’m old enough to have watched that as a kid.
The new version held my attention all the way through. The last few episodes were a letdown – at least for me. I’ll say no more in case some haven’t seen it.

Another winner from SiFy was Farscape. I really like it. Got canceled because it cost too much. Fan demands got a made for TV movie made to finish off the series.

And then there was Babylon 5, the show was so complex, you needed a Web site just to figgure ouut what the heck was going on if you missed a few episodes.
All the Best,

I liked (and still do) “Battlestar Mormonica”. :laughing:

“Farscape” was always a frellin’ good show. Yotz!

And B5 was and is just amazing. Best damned sci-fi show there ever was. Layers upon layers. Made ya think, and watching it the 2nd time around reveals little hints that foreshadowed later events, even though you didn’t know those hints were right in plain sight.

Oh, and “Stargate”, “Stargate”, “Stargate”. SG1, Atlantis, even Universe. Awesome, and the movies, too.

Ramy season 2

disgusting. won’t follow the next seasons