Which XP-L Emitter for P60 drop-in

I am planning on ordering a P60 drop it from intl-outdoors and was wondering which to get, i am still confused on XP-L. I have read the reviews and forums and seems the v6 is the version to get but they do not offer the v6 in p60 drop in. I was thinking about the XP-L u5 7a3, but i have not seen a review of that emitter.
INTL-outdoor P60 drop-in
thanks guys

Because I have sooooo many neutral white lights, once Sinner gets his host up and running, I plan on using an XP-L U5 7A3 emitter. That’s the one that has a minimum of 80+ CRI and is warm white (ie. 3000K).

Having said that though, if you were looking at the specs of equivalent emitters, let’s say, XM-L2 T6 3C vs XP-L V4 3D, their output is basically the same. With that in mind, I’d stick with XM-L2 personally. Note that, the only reason why I am using an XP-L in my P60 project is that Int’l Outdoor does not have the XM-L2 high CRI equivalent in stock. :frowning: Otherwise, it’ll be the XM-L2 for me.

Have you given any consideration to de-doming it for greater throw characteristics? If you think you might do that, then you might want to keep your tint bin a few steps higher up, in order for the de-doming to bring it back down to an acceptable tint.

I like a white tint, and find the V5 2A to my liking when de-domed.

I have thought about this too, still not sure if i will de-dome but i have contemplated it.

The XP-L de-domes much easier than other emitters. The dome itself is concave on the bottom, giving clearance to the die. Thus, the dome is attached to the substrate around the edges, with what almost appears to be a tape. Dropped in gas, it comes clean easily in about 40 minutes, where XM-L2’s can take 2-4 hours and still leave silicone on and around the bond wires. I think this attribute of the XP-L’s contributes to having a less disturbed tint when de-doming, and they usually come out quite clean in apperance. Leaving it in the gas for an hour or more tends to remove the white adhesive around the edges as well, for a beautiful de-dome that is difficult to match with other emitters.

Thanks DBCstm for the information and procedure for dedome on the XP-L.
Ordered the v5 2a and will be dedoming.

I ordered a warm white P60 drop-in from I’ntl Outfoor store back when XM-L2 first hit, and I like it a lot. Its good-n-floody, and warm.

I just became aware of XP-L an hour ago, so I’m in the research and learning phase right now. In considering a new drop in, but I saw the XP-L is 3.45mm square, whereas the XM-L2 is 5MM square. Seems like the smaller footprint would make for more of a thrower, but that’s not always the case. So I’m asking…

Does anybody have any experience with an XP-L based P60 drop-in? Would it be better to go with a smooth reflector and setup as a thrower? I generally rely on the C8 when I need a thrower.

The die is the same as the XML2, it's just on a more compact square base. So it does all the same things a XML2 does.

For me, the real benefit of the XP-L is in lights like the one in my Avatar. This is a very small light, takes a 10440 cell. Today I put the de-domed XP-L in it and gained over 300 lumens out the front over the de-domed XP-G2. Same driver, same cells, lumens output went up from 552 to 873. It’s putting an XM-L2 in a light that won’t take one. Works for me! :slight_smile: