Which zebralight for my application?

Hi guys this is my first new topic post on the forum! What a great place!
I’m wanting to buy a new headlamp and I have it narrowed down to 2, zebralight H51W or H51FW. Here will be my applications:

Hunting- walking too and from stand or blind, will also carry torch at this time in case needed for locating downed game.

Night fishing- walking too and from ice fishing shanty and fishing ofcourse.

Auto work: working on cars at night or poorly lit garages.

Camping: setting up camp and gathering wood.

General use: around the house and yard, task lighting.

I’m pretty sure I want the nuetral version to go with my new EA4W but not sure on floody or regular. Thanks so much in advance for any advice that’s given.

Terry Leo

Does anyone know if Zebralight is coming out with the H52 - the headlamp equivalent to the SC52?

Both these seem like perfect applications for flood. Especially if you are carrying a torch for throw.

I think throw works better in this case because of the need to see things that are further "back/up" without getting glared out by foreground being too lit up.

Conventional wisdom is that you want flood for this kind of general use.

I recently got the H502d, which is think is *very* floody as it's a bare emitter. I am very happy with it as it has reasonable CRI and a nice neutral 5k beam. It will be my go-to headlamp both for emergencies and for daily use for "behind the tv" work and extra task lighting inside of computers and such.

Thanks for the advice? Anyone else please?

I have a H51w and use it regularly for walks in the tropical jungle here. I’d say go with the H51w since it would give you the option of adding on a diffuser (with diffuser tape or anything semi-opaque cut to shape) if you find it gives too much throw. With the H51Fw, the glass lens itself is frosted so you’re pretty much stuck with what you get. I like having options.

Hope this helps.