Which zoom/focus torch? Brighter the better!


I want to purchase a new torch, something which takes 18650 batteries. I'd like it to be zoomable/focusable and as bright as possible (XM-L led?)

Also, preferably only 3 modes (low/mid/high) and one battery (the more compact the better)

My budget is probably around £30

Any recommendations? Most of the lights I've seen dont have the zoom/focus function. I have a Yezl T8 but its not great.


Hi there DJT21, welcome to BLF!

This is my personal favorite: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2523

It's not an XM-L, but still very bright and high quality. XM-L zoomers are rather hard to come by.

Hope this helps!

Welcome t BLF, DJT21,

I'm not sure that there is a decent XM-L 18650 three mode zoomie in existence.

I have to agree with sb56637, the Tank 737 is the nearest I can think of to what you want but even that only really beats your T8 on build quality and throw.

The way I see zoomies is for times when you only want to carry one light and are not sure if you will need a flooder or a thrower. Frankly a well driven three mode C8 or MRV clone with an XML and smooth reflector is the better 18650 universal carry. Terrific flood and damn good throw too.

Thanks for the advice guys. Perhaps a zoomable torch isnt the way to go?

What about a decent 3 mode torch without the zoom?

I had a look at a Solarforce L2, XM-L led, 3 modes and pretty bright I think. These any good, or anything comparable? Dont want it too floody or too throwy really, just a decent middle ground.

Hi DJT21

I have just placed an order for a Tank007 TK 736 on KAIDOMAIN.

This is supposed to be a multi mode zoom with an XM-L led. 5 modes including strobe, but it does have memory.

About $31US, so well within your budget.

I'll let you know what I think when I receive it.

i don't have it, just came across it today. i bet it is underdriven, but it looks good.


by the way, i'm sure there are other places to get it, i just linked this site for example.

Here's the KaiDomain link for the TK-736:
$30.89 http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11443

Also available from MiniInTheBox:
$28.99 http://www.miniinthebox.com/tk736...html

The TK-736 is currently more expensive on eBay:

The TrustFire Z3 is $31.00 at Lightmalls.

On eBay, there are a bunch of cheap TF Z3's:

The cheapest eBay Buy It Now is currently $24.46, and some sellers take Best Offers:


Thanks for the replies, but after doing a bit more reading, I’m thinking I may go for something without the zoomable beam.
Are these any good: solarforce-sales.com
How accurate are the lumen rating on them?

Here is a pretty good one: http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1107

It uses an XM-L and a much bigger than normal head. Note that an XM-L is a big emitter so it wont throw nearly as well as a smaller emitter like XR-E. But this light should be pretty adequate.

Probably 400 lumens in flood mode...and you lose half of it in throw, but it still should let you see fairly far off.

It would be a good worklight too since the flood mode is nice and even with no glaring hotspot.

joe1512, that Yezl looks like what I've been looking for! Thanks for the link!

Hope it's better than Lang's Yezl zoomie was.



The EDI-T P4 is my favorite Zoomy it just recently became available at DX again. It is only a Q3 driven at 1 amp, but it is still pretty bright and it has a hidden ramping mode with a moon low that will run for about a week on a 18650.


Whoa! Thanks for the link, FF!

Whew, saved by the bell!

Well, maybe not all Yezls are that bad. In fact, there are some here that like them quite well. Even Lang liked his . . . until it puked.

Okay, I didn't mean that to be funny. I'm not saying they don't suck, just that they probably do suck.


Well, I recommend checking reviews for yourself. There are several of them around:

Several whine about the lack of high throw, and one beamshot compares the throw pattern of this light with that of a typical Q3 type light. But that really is not why you are buying the light, and I am impressed that the big head allows the fat XM-L to look similar to an XR-E at all.

If you want a bright floody light with no hotspot for up close work, I think this would be a great option. With the ability to get more intensity as desired. However, if you don't mind a hotspot, then a reflector light will be a lot better, and this is definitely not a super high throw light.


You've got it. That's a great zoom light.

I received my Tank Tk736 from Kaidomain and am bitterly disappointed.

Large square zoom at full focus ,and very dim for a xml flashlight.

I fear it is heavily underdriven. My small 14500 driven C78 zoom flashlight with ?Q3 led has a much brighter tighter focus for less money($10).

The Tk 736 does also come with an xpg led and this may result in a tighter focus, but for a lot less money I must agree with E1320, the EDI-T P4 is my favourite zoomie.

Thats too bad about the Tank. However it looks EXACTLY like other tanks that use XP-E emitters and such. So it is likely using the exact same driver and driving it at maybe 800 mA max. Plus the aspheric is likely not focused correctly and is meant for an XP-E or XR-E, so it looks awful on an XM-L.

So I can see why it would suck.

In spite of a few flaws, the best performing zoomer I've seen is the new Small Sun. Read my review and other's comments here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/5182

Best zoomer for the money. Extremely bright and well focused!