"White" tint and "yellow" tint.

So I got my E-2100 today and showed it to my wife with my old stock one. It was dark in the room so I turned them on one at a time and asked what the difference was. “The last one was brighter?” she said. Well yeah, but what about the color? Shining the stock one - “it’s white” and the 5C one “it’s yellow.” So I explained you are supposed to be able to see colors better with the new one. “I can tell what colors are with both of them” she says…. So not everyone cares about CRI! :slight_smile:

I've turned my gal into quite the flashlight connoisseur. She notices all the tint differences and goes through each new one testing the switch action, feel, construction and overall quality. She really like my latest one, a small sun ZY-t13. She used it last night to look for her son's missing inhalers and came down stating "man, this things great for looking for stuff under the bed!". LOL!

I actually laughed out loud at this. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know. My wife was totally the same. When I asked her to come to the door and see how vivid the garden looks with a high cri emitter she snorted and looked to the sky.

It's something you probably appreciate more if you notice yourself ..I had to explain to my 54 year old cousin why all the grass was suddenly greener and the colors of everything more vivid ...

I asked her if she ever saw the vampire movies

Somehow she'd lived 54 years and never noticed what twilight looks like ...


you guys are hilarious.

That’s the one thing my girl always comments on is the tints of the lights I am making she could care less about anything else I do with them. She can always tell the difference between the cool, neutral and warm tints. Something to do with her spending so much time coloring hair at work and yeah she prefers the high CRI for checking hair color.