Who all has the "DRY" V2 3X CREE XML FLASHLIGHT 2500 LUMENS!

I just ordered mine today and I was seeing if anyone could give me their opinion and beam shots would be awesome. It looks like a great

light with lots of lumens for not lots of money =)

Thank you

I was just wanting some reviews and beam shots, I have searched everything on here.

There's this thread and my review.

Yes go ahead and look over what DRJones pointed. Almost everyday someone talks about this flashlight, so there's a lot on this forum regarding the DRY.

What a great light. I just took it and my new TR-3T6 with 3-18650 and the Dry was brighter.

If you like the form factor, Im sure it is very nice. I hate that it looks like a freaking hand grenade though. The handle is unnecessarily fat.

I mean, Olight Intimidators cram 6x18650s in their handle and it is about as fat as a D-sized battery. But DRY has a ridiculously huuuge battery carrier and tube for some reason.

I would think that would be a chore to carry around and hold. It certainly wont fit in a pocket or even in a holster.

Another problem is that it has massive pulse width modulation. Even on freaking HIGH mode, it flickers!

No one i showed the light to notices any flickering :)

I have and love this light! No problems with PWM and the form factor fits in your hand perfectly, carried it for halloween night and loved it on low. I really wish mine was neutral instead of cool, but it just means I get to order another one!

Went out tonight with my dad and we went into a new part of the village with houses under construction. I could easily light up whole the plot :d (too bad of the bright moon)

Hopefully V3 will have the new driver in time; along with the other improvements.

Huh? There is no visible PWM in the highest mode. The 3 levels below that, yes there is some minor visible flicker.

The TK35 clone holster can carry it easily, no issue. Think it's the one selling at dinodirect....do a search. Ultrafire brand...

If in time you play with enough budget lights, you'd notice that 99.5% of them have "massive pulse width modulation".