Who is your favorite to order from?

Deal Extreme?


Kai Domain?

Another HK distributor?

Why do you prefer your favorite over the others?

Depending on what I am looking at, I actually prefer Lighthound and ShiningBeam sometimes, just because I know it will be here (at least in the USA) in 3 or 4 days, but knowing I am paying more...

im really liking manafont a lot. they ship quickly and have pretty good prices. you can't beat dx for the wide variety of items they stock.

I think that, like many others, i like manafont for the quality of the item and dealextreme for variety and price. Sometimes, if you have time and patience, ebay is a good place to find "last minute" bargain.

Troopl I am with you. Lighthound, Shining Beam and Battery Junction. In that order

Manafont over all overs in HK..in the states I like Goinggear because of the 10% discount and cheap shipping to Canada..

I've been buying stuff from DX for a long time, while there service is often not very good I've never really had a problem.

The added bonus with DX is you never have any idea when you might get you item....could be 6days could be 3months!

Lighthound is good, except for overseas shipping charges. For a padded envelope with some lanyards, a couple of internal taillight switches and a small tube of Nygel, they asked far more than what I paid for shipping for a whole car carburetor or distributor from the US, which both weigh considerably more and are considerably bigger.

I prefer solarforce sales (former ITC) and manafont. But generally, I buy from the stores that actually carry what I need, for a price I am willing to pay (even if itis somewhat higher, like at Lighthound's)

Manafont without a doubt. Not the best prices occasionaly but they make up for the rest.

DX for the variety but I will pay a bit more for the same item from manafont. US sellers Shiningbeam and Battery Junction are great and super fast. I have orders out with ITC(off eBay) and Gadgettown. We’ll see how that goes when, hopefully, I post a positive review on the What you got today thread.

I will almost always order from whoever has the lowest price. That said, I like Manafont and TinyDeal the best because I have more confidence that I will get what I ordered. But I've been trying new (for me) vendors like BestOfferBuy, ChinaQualityGoods and EverBuying when they offer something I can't find elsewhere.

Lol, I suppose it could be a plus if you look at it that way, and why not? Stuff from DX is usually for fun anyway.

I like Manafont for the quickest delivery and DX/KD for the selection. I've placed one order from Shenzhen-wholesale and their shipping charges aren't "cheap" - ended up being around$16 for 2 flashlights if I remember correctly. They weren't as fast as Manafont, but way quicker than DX & KD. If Manafont had a selection as big as DX/KD, I'd buy exclusively from them. Oh yeah, Jim actually responds to your emails w/in 24 hrs. The "big" ones, forget about it.

Kaidomain is who I like the most . At first I was afraid to order anything but since November made 13 orders which all but one were shipped in time , 8 days later left HK.

I like what annoying most people, the lack of detailed info , this remind me the professional's electronic stores where the customers know what they need and ask without ceremony...sometimes saying something like, the four legs one...

Also is good the lack of misleading ads , there are none for the matter, just the pics.

To these day they never disappointed me at all...

Others vendors could ship fast also but his selection in DY stuff is poor or his things are way overpriced...

Just depends on what Im shopping for ...

3 Last purchases from DX - KD - Manafont

Same here, one stuff from MF and some things at the others, surprisingly now DX ship fast also , I have two HKP and two CP which left China on 8th 9th ordered 3/31 and 4/1 all

I dunno, but I doubt a Solarforce with the Xm-L is capable of even half of the 1300L that they advertise. Wonder if it is even a real Solarforce?


You are right but I learned long ago that lumens claim are like fantasy name, being the Chinese or otherwise except the 'serious' makers which are very few...

Manafont because of the reasons mentioned in prev posts, plus they are willing to find out if a item is really available and then inform you by e-mail - I made a online query regarding availability of a item ( I hate being told a item is OOS/not available after I order it).

Contrary to many others here, I am quite happy with focalprice. They have reshipped items that I did not receive, customer service via tickets is good - they got me items that were initially OOS "no longer available". Prices tend to be lower than other sites.

DX OK for reasons mentioned in prev posts.

Will really like any HK store that offers paracord, cord ends, cord locks and spring/snap clips. ;-)

Troop, I would say that is not a solarforce. The tailcap is a lot different, look at the pic they provide and then look at the photos in Flashlightfoys review of the L2. The button sticks out on the real deal.

I've had good luck with most. I do like Manafont for all the reasons already stated. I tried priceangels recently, ordering a $6 drop-in on 4/3 and it showed up today...excellent service there. I've also had fast service from solarforce-sales. I've used shiningbeam twice and it took all of 3 days to deliver...great products too. I'd say dx and focalprice were the slowest.