Who likes gold lights?


Wow I have to say it makes me almost want to buy a 501B.

Yea, that’s sexy…. :wink:

The color looks like the package from my favorite Halls cough drops…the honey lemon one. Makes me wanna eat it!

Sorry i just cant stomach gold…Perhaps because my perception of a torch/flash lights
begins with tacticool applications, first.

No way am i mounting that on a rifle. To each he’s own…

Gold yeah…

I beleive that German guy has a collection, Gold Finger,thats his name,he has one.
Afterall,he is the man with the golden gun

Sorry,couldnt resist.Looks kewl i think.

have a goodn all


I do like gold, but not the more yellowy colours.

Oh men!

Have you seen this new gold flashlight???

It is a 1xAAA / 1x10440 “gold painted” one (not painted with gold, obviously, only paint)… 5 modes with memory, XP-E led

Includes battery and charger. It has clip and the reflector seems deep (as the TF F23)

TrustFire Z10. even the switch is metallic and painted in “gold”


Very nice. Pity it includes battery and charger, they could made it available without them and cheaper….

I must say, that Z10 does look good to me.