Who ships from Singapore?

Hi guys,

Juts recieved a notification to pick something up from the post-office tomorrow.

The tracking code ends in SG, which is a first for me. Had to look up where it came from, because I didn't had a clue.

Turns out it's Singapore, but I don't have a single clue where I ordered something from there. Anyone know one of the big sellers who ships from Singapore? Got stuff coming from QCG, FP, DX, KD, DD (none with tracking from DD)

Dunno.... Don't think you have ordered from fstoplights

Anyway, some of them use Singapore Post to ship from China. Singpost is expanding rapidly in China and merged with companies like 4px. My Uniquefire 3900 from lightmalls had a SG registered parcel tracking number. Fast like crazy, 5 days only.

It could be from Ric, he uses 4px sometimes.

some eBay sellers ship from Singapore, so does qualitychinagoods.com

If it turn out to be FP, which is my most likely suspect, this would mean, they shipped their package,

supposed to leave from China,

supposed to leave from HongKong,

supposed to leave from Shangai,

Left from Singapore... ?

If it's FP, I'm gonna cry and laugh at the same time ;)

edit: QCG probably, my WP2II

No, a package can originate from China (some Chinese city) but have a SG registered article number. I got that before from lightmalls.


I think my XTAR stuff shipped via Singapore Post, which would be in line with what M3TAL posted (chinaqualitygoods)

Yep, same here. My order from Serena came with a tracking number ending with SG.

Last week I got some Ebay stuff from Hong Kong that was shipped with Singapore Post. It looks like, as 2100 mentioned, Singapore Post is expanding rapidly.

I bought some batteries from this seller & they shipped from Singapore.

Link: www.geminideal.com