Who wants to review inexpensive yet unique watches?

Hi guys,

Do you remember Leo, my friend and the friendly rep of Miboxer before?

Now he works for a new company that makes these watches:

If you are interested, just mention my name in your message to this email ad: admin@shifenmei.online

Special Features:
Brand: shifenmei
Watch style: Sport/Casual/Fashion/Retro/Business
Movement type: Miyota 2035 Quartz Watch
Battery: Imported Japanese Battery
Battery Lifetime: 2years or more
Shape of the dial: Round
Case material: Bamboo
Band material: Genuine Leather

Wait, is that an actual bamboo watch?

It must be unbreakable.

I have seen the Chinese make true bamboo cell phone cases…so a watch case made from bamboo can’t be far behind.

Yes, bamboos are quite very sturdy material.

Does it come with termites? Lol

I am not sure if aussie customs would let such a product in.

I wonder why would it be like that… but flashlights can?

I mean the bamboo watch might get taken by custom to check if its been properly treated. Fairly strict here with certain materials like wood.

send email to admin@shifenmei.online ask for review

Oh really? That’s nice to know they go to that extreme…coming from a third world country like mine, that policy is unheard of.

Thanks for joining us again here in BLF my friend.

Welcome back!

hahaha, thanks, we will give more than 100 pcs watches for BLFers.

Nice. Alas, I gave up wearing wrist watches a few years ago. Watches have been a topic of discussion a few times over the years, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of members looking at these.

I'm extremely picky when it comes to watches, so I'll pass on this deal, but...

Thanks for the very generous offer!

That wood watch is pretty attractive.

While I kinda like the idea and appreciate the advancements of some of the cool new offerings with GPS/Solar and comfort silicon bands, have not worn a watch for a few years now. Had plenty of them, some expensive, batteries needed etc…. in the past, but now my cell phone reminds me of the time constantly so there is really no practical need for most folks except a fashion statement. Seems now only professionals, cops etc, that need them or folks older than me still wear one. :beer:

I’m definitely a noob when it comes to watches still, but everything I’ve heard says to stay clear of wood/organic case watches. They’d have to be cheap enough to be basically disposable from what I’ve heard, and that doesn’t sit well with the ecologist part of me (because of the batteries/electronics, not the wood/bamboo).

Thanks for the offer but I do not like watches that use proprietary watch bands. Sorry about that.

Bump for a friend!

I was interested, but they want Amazon reviews, and I think that’s not cool

I believe that's against Amazon rules in the U.S.

It is, but manufacturers try to avoid them every time.