Who's interested in 90,000 lux @ 1m?

Also Bwolcott thanks for the order and welcome to BLF!

Your welcome ive been purchasing a lot from you lately, I’m on cpf as well under tbe same name

Well, I have nothing in this class,so I’ll Give this one a try ( fingers crossed)…kelly

Thanks Kelly, you won’t be disappointed . When you get the light in hand you will realize it looks and feels like another high quality manufacturer but without the high cost :slight_smile:

So where can I buy one and for how much?

I should have put cool white led in the notes…fyi

SBFlashlights - authorized dealer of Solarforce, XTAR, iTP, Lumintop, Thrunite, Spark flashlights “BLF10” for 10% off

Kelly we only have CW in stock. I think earlier in this thread I asked for interest in NW and the answer was overwhelmingly in favor of CW


Thank you. It’s in my “itchy trigger finger” list of buys (where it won’t stay for long).

I’d advise some more pics, and talk it up a little. Elaborate more on the performance and what it is that $100+ buys us.

Lux readings and video available in the sales thread also I’m giving one of these away!

Here are some size comparisons of the K40

left to right Rofis Tr 51, Klarus xt20, Sunwayman T40cs, Crelant 7G9, K3 Illumination K40

left to right Rofis Tr 51, Klarus xt20, Sunwayman T40cs, Crelant 7G9, K3 Illumination K40

K40 left, Sunwayman t40cs right

Crelant 7G9 top, K40 bottom

beamshots comparing the 2 please!

my camera is terrible but honestly both the K40 and 7g9 throw farther then I can see and farther then my t40cs but I would def give the edge to the K40 but in realistic use not a big difference between the two

I don’t have anything to compare my 7G9 to other than the 35W HID. But I do agree that the 7G9 throws plenty far for most if not all purposes. I’ve been eyeballing some big lights for some time now and it really is hard to choose. Seems like I’ll wait it out some more until something really impresses me to make a purchase. I already have three lights in the mail so I’ve got plenty of time to think some lights over. The K40 looks really nice though.


Shoot me a PM when these are ready :slight_smile:

They’ve been on sale for awhile now.

the trigger on the K40. Yeppers………………