Who's interested in 90,000 lux @ 1m?

“BLF10” :slight_smile:

What’s the lux on the triple emitter? And if possible can you make a 2.5A turbo mode?

Wrong thread lol. If I can get at least 50 BLFers down for a 2.5A version, I can do it. My only reservation is heat. at 1.5A per emitter it gets very warm within 20 seconds. By 2 minutes it starts to get steamy and in terms of reliability (warranty and RMA claims), that’s pushing it.

I can do the 2.5A version if you guys want it if it is used with extreme caution. We’re talking about the Shadow SL3 here and not the K40

How much is the 2.5A version? and will it the 2.5A mode replace the 1.5A mode? or will it add an extra mode on, eg low-med-1.5A-2.5A

Slewflash go ahead and continue this discussion in the SL3 thread. Post your question there. Don’t wanna derail too much

Enjoy your stay here, Bwolcott!

Just ordered one :slight_smile: and thank you for the welcome Raccoon city

Sl3 thread is I have just fallen in love Shadow JM26

I opened a thread here to organize the discussion IN STOCK!: Shadow SL3 & JM26 + Full Line

Also Bwolcott thanks for the order and welcome to BLF!

Your welcome ive been purchasing a lot from you lately, I’m on cpf as well under tbe same name

Well, I have nothing in this class,so I’ll Give this one a try ( fingers crossed)…kelly

Thanks Kelly, you won’t be disappointed . When you get the light in hand you will realize it looks and feels like another high quality manufacturer but without the high cost :slight_smile:

So where can I buy one and for how much?

I should have put cool white led in the notes…fyi

http://www.sbflashlights.com/L3-Illumination/L3-Illumination-K40-p255.html “BLF10” for 10% off

Kelly we only have CW in stock. I think earlier in this thread I asked for interest in NW and the answer was overwhelmingly in favor of CW


Thank you. It’s in my “itchy trigger finger” list of buys (where it won’t stay for long).

I’d advise some more pics, and talk it up a little. Elaborate more on the performance and what it is that $100+ buys us.

Lux readings and video available in the sales thread also I’m giving one of these away!

Here are some size comparisons of the K40

left to right Rofis Tr 51, Klarus xt20, Sunwayman T40cs, Crelant 7G9, K3 Illumination K40

left to right Rofis Tr 51, Klarus xt20, Sunwayman T40cs, Crelant 7G9, K3 Illumination K40