Who's interested in 90,000 lux @ 1m?

Well, I’m excited.

What kind of warranty will this light have? Will it be neutral or cool white?

I like the case. Seems like a great price too. Would love to take this beauty for a spin.


K40 is in stock :D. We’re going to do some preliminary testing and put them up for sale. Will be $120 and also a 10% off coupon for BLFers!

Cool, wish it was cheaper though. It does outperform the Crelant 7G9 right?

Have you measured lux?

What’s the lux on the 7G9?

No clue myself, I though you sold those to know, guess not, lol.

55-57 klux/1m.

So I guess the answer is yes, lol.

My Lux readings are similar to Selfbuilt’s. Both of ours are much higher than TurboBB. I read 115k on the TN31, Selfbuilt read 112k, Turbobb read 87k? I’ll get lux readings on the production model driven at 3.5A, .5A higher than my prototype model asap. So yes should be higher than the 7G9

This is a very good example on why lux readings are best used as a relative comparison, rather than an absolute one.

Meters not calibrated to a common reference can often show enough variation as to render direct lux comparisons invalid.

Any possible combo deals with batteries? Needs 3 in parallel or series?

3x18650 in series. Xtar 2600 and 3100 will be discounted when ordering together as well as the WP6

The same 10% off for the entire order or some other discount/bundle? I don’t need a charger, I have already bought both a WP2 II and SP2 from you, lol.

It’s going to be discounted add on items like on most of my products where you can add accessories, batteries chargers etc

Hi Jake25,
What’s your site address and do you ship to Australia?

http://www.sbflashlights.com is my website. I’ll put these up shortly, just got back from the dentist and I can’t feel my mouth… Australia shipping no problem but for foreign orders with items this big, our shipping calculator sometimes underestimates the cost. We usually do eat some of shipping cost just like we do for US shipping but if it’s a big gap we ask customers to pay a bit more. I hope that sounds fair? Need to revise the system for heavy/bulky items.

What’s the coupon code

Also selfbuilt gets about 65k lux with the 7g9 now with his calibrated meter

Light is up on the site, we just need to get the 10% off :slight_smile: