Why are people so impatient? Survey

One after another...

Just wondering;

1. how many years have you been on BLF, (or into flashlights altogether)

2. how much does it (still) bother you to wait for your new toy? (equals: Didn't you grow up in those years? Or are you new to this?)

My answer:

  1. A few years
  2. I don't care much. When it comes, it comes.

Been reading BLF since 2011, been a member since 2013.
Some items could show up in a month and it won’t bother me a bit. Items I’m really interested in I’ll wait upto 10 days and then I’ll start to annoy me.
For items purchased in the US, 5 days is my limit.

1) BLF 6 years +
Flashlights 60 years +
2) 1 month meh but 2 months + starts to bother me.
I have a BG bicycle tail light I paid for in September and BG shipped in November that hasn’t arrived yet.

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1 . how many years have you been on BLF, (or into flashlights altogether)

- 1 year and few months (on both) :sunglasses:

2 . how much does it (still) bother you to wait for your new toy? (equals: Didn’t you grow up in those years? Or are you new to this?)

- I don’t care, but I like to have a tracking number just to know where the things are (specially due to Customs)!!! Other than that…I already have some toys and pieces to keep myself busy waiting for the new toy to arrive :partying_face:

[this survey is :smiling_imp: ]


I’m still not used to the waiting…

1. Six years on BLF, been into flashlights a little bit longer than that.
2. Depending on what the item is, I can be fairly patient. Waiting is never fun, but it’s a lot better when I’ve got a tracking number or some indication that the item is actually going to come at some point.


(it’s a joke ok?)

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I am new to the forum, but I have been receiving packages from Europe & Asia for about 10 years now.

I like the feeling of having things coming in the mail, second only to the unboxing experience =)

Delayed delivery is actually fun


Every other day i have a packet from China and have no idea what it is, fun times.

1. Nearly 4 years (and I’m still none the wiser lol)
2. Waiting, well it depends on what it is. New mobile/computer/gadget etc - no patience / light from China - I’ll wait a month or so before throwing my toys out the pram!

I don’t mind waiting but wondering if it’s going to show up at all is the hard part

Member for 6 years, 5 months
I’m not the most patient person. I want it yesterday.

Member for a bit over 2 years, been interested in flashlights since I was a child.

I would say I am fairy patient. I am waiting on a BLF 348 from Dec 2016 but starting to think that it’s not coming.

Been lurking here less than a year.
I call this the FedEx effect. Once FedEx started delivering things the next day, everyone thought they should be able to get their thing the next day, regardless of what it actually took to get it there.

How long I've been a member here has no relevance. I want it now.

That's me in the real world.

If you don't have it in stock, I got no problem going elsewhere

Even if I'm a long time customer, when I want it, I want it. Now.

Time is money, money is time.

You paying me to do a job, and I am late, I bet you froth at the mouth when I am late or do not show up. Legitimate reason or not.

What's important to me, may not be to you. Then when I'm late to work for you, you want answers. Why is it important?

The BLF-GT Group Buy, was my first GB. Considering my impatient-ness, I did well.

I hope I entertained your survey

I actually tried to click on this… :smiley:


Member for 3 years 8 months
At the beginning I was quite impatient
Now: It arrives, when it arrives