Why are there no new XP-L based 1xAAA lights?

Okay, there was the Thrunite Ti Christmas Edition. But as far as I’m concerned, that light is kind of flawed (poor tint and bad mode spacing). However, as flawed as that light may be, it REALLY shows the potential advantages of the XP-L in a 1xAAA light vs the more conventional small die emitters (ie XP-G or XP-E) with its high output, great floody beam, and MUCH higher efficiency (and, therefore, longer runtime at a given brightness level). Yet, over six months after that light came out, we just have more of the same old XP-G and XP-E based lights (including XP-G2 and XP-E2). Why has nobody followed the lead of the Christmas Edition and built a better XP-L based 1xAAA light?

The AAA size seems under-appreciated. It’s certainly not as popular as AA lights. Maybe your wish will be granted next Christmas :santa:


I was wondering this too, but there is the ability to mod them yourself that leads me to want to do this to some of my AAA lights…

I actually already have the Thrunite Ti Christmas Edition. And while I DEFINITELY prefer it to your typical small die emitter lights, it could be better. That’s why I would like to see someone else try to do it better.

I love a AAA light. My favorite is the EagleTac D25AAA. I have the others also, just prefer this one - love the magnet on it. One of the few I don’t have is that Thrunite Christmas one with 165 Lumens. I have a gift card at Amazon and it is tempting me, as well as the Zebralight SC5!

Budget AAA lights do not come with XP-L because it is 4 times as expensive as a XP-E. On top of that, floody lights are in general appreciated less than throwy ones, runtime differences are less obvious.

But I expect some high end AAA's with the XP-L Hi one of these days.

from whom?

I modded my Fenix LD02 to XPL HI. Also replaced the driver with a 12mm FET driver from Mountain Electronics.

Even with the XPL HI the beam profile is still quite floody. Not sure of the output, but at a guess maybe 700 lumens on an Efest IMR 10440. Might get slightly higher if I get a direct copper star. At full power the head eventually gets moderately hot, but never too hot to touch. Unlike an 18650, a 10440 cell just doesn’t supply enough current to make a light burning hot no matter how long you run it.

This light was a pain to mod. The hard part was getting the pill out of the head as it was glued very securely. I had to destroy the stock driver and put a large amount of muscle power into it with the needle nose pliers before the pill started to turn.

WOW! Now this is something I would love to have! So, how much $ total would u say u had into it?

If Im not mistaken I think Vinh was doing the LD02 for a little while. Not sure but maybe a current boost, emitter swap, and installing his driver in it. It was a bit over $100 as I recall. I wanted one for sure but wasn’t going to pay over $100 for a AAA light. My loss.

The total cost was approximately the following:
$30 - for the light (I bought it at Fry’s, but you can probably find it cheaper online)
$12-15 - for the driver (12mm FET driver from RMM)
$6 - for the emitter (I bought mine from Mouser, but you can get them from RMM)

So I figure approximately $50 for the entire project. One of these days I’ll order a 10mm direct copper sinkpad for it from RMM. That will add another $2 or so.

Vinh made ten of his LD02vn before he stopped making them. He was using a torch to melt the threadlocker, but had to apply so much heat the optic would sometimes melt. In mine I didn’t use a torch, but it still took a half hour to get the pill out. I’d almost given up before it finally moved.