Why BLF is bad for you...!

tell me about it, i sometimes check it every few minutes :)

My only day off, probably for the month, and all I have done is look at this site and mess with lights, batteries, I.S. and DMM in the garage. Back and forth all day long, Wife says I need to get a life but I'm alright with it.

I think I'm going to disagree here, after buying a few lights I think I'd rather put the money spent on 5 not so great lights into one quality light. Am I on the wrong forum maybe? Look at it this way would you rather have 10 crappy 1/2 inch spanners in your tool box or 2 quality tools that won't let you down.

600 weddings?

I think now would be an appropriate time to (over)analyze the phenomena of repeatedly buying a flashlight by persons in possession of 65 or more flashlights. Certainly everyone will agree that any appeal to and/or involving logic has no hope for success. Other failed strategies for me have included (but not limited to) poor attempts to parlay sympathy or pity toward my purposes, resurrecting past examples of wise economic decisions and engineering dialog crafted to highlight current specific spending choices suggesting frugality.

Ergo; any pragmatic approach is ineffective when dealing with a thinking person that has over two decades experience filtering your (my) bull-crap. There simply is no method that I know of to explain the necessity of quietly allowing the accumulation of several dozen flashlights annually.

I believe the answer might take the form of a type of acceptance, acknowledging the complete absurdity and reaching some kind of compromise. This I have yet to achieve but at some point she must conclude that it is not going away, that happiness for Foy is a whole lot of flashlights and that, in fact, it is the logical and prudent thing to do.


There is nothing logical about owning 50 flashlights or buying 3 of the exact same lights except for a different tint of the emitter. This is like collecting stamps or coins there is no logical use for them other than to occupy what little time in the day you can spare.

Tip 1 :For those that are compulsive buyers. Don't take a "show us your collection pic" and forget to delete the photo from the computer. DAMN IT!

Tip 2 : When your spouse/ gf starts screaming at you. Don't say any of the following:

a. BLF made me do it

b. At least I'm not blowing money on ho's and coke. (saw that somewhere on here and it stuck in my mind)

c. Don has more!

d. I could be looking at internet porn!

Actually it feels refreshing to be out of the BLF closet.

Obsession or demand to seek perfection in some small segment of life.