Why BLF is bad for you...!

I haven't been here all that long but thanks to all of you I'm very quickly becoming poorer..!

Since I've been here I have purchased 3 flashlights (for now one UF-2100 XM-L and two SIPIK AA/14500 lights), four XTAR 18650 batteries and a charger, and all at very good prices to boot! :D

So what I'm actually getting at is thank you all very much for introducing me to all these little gems that are out there...! It makes me and my wallet very happy and sad all at the same time :p

Ha! Glad to see you are quickly depleting your life savings enjoying BLF! Thanks for saying thanks, hope you enjoy those nice lights too!

Hahaha not quite there yet, but if things continue on in this trend you never know where you will end up. That said, the "happy" positive atmosphere over here is a very nice change of pace for someone like me.

As for lurking around at night :D It's nice to be able to see where you are going...! Especially in my neck of the woods.

highly addictive ya better have deep pockets Laughing

Yeah... I'm currently trying to resist and not to buy FandyFire STL-V6 :)

Just remember, you can buy a dozen for the same price as ONE at the "Fanboys for Dollars Forum".

List what you already bought and someone here will suggest 27 others that you MUST HAVE......(accessories extra).

It is true it is bad for you. I came in because I had something of interest to sell and next thing you know I have a new flashlight, one on the way and built a light for a bicycle...I think that light cannon could use a tweek...lol

+1 Cry

Very , very , bad !

Hmmm , did I buy a Trustfire X9 , a AAA , and a AA and another AA from CNQ , and an another A20 , 5 lights in one week , ooops also got a new L2 solarforce thanks to BLF ....

I got's to turn the putter off for a while ...

Yeah but you forgot:

KaiDomain C8

Xeno E03 XML

Trustfire R5-A3

That super cheap Manafont 502B with the 2.8 driver that costs $15.50 USD (tested by me, hot deal)


I had no idea what a P60 host was until I came here. Now I have 5 with drop in's, probably more in the future. When does it end??

This site is not only bad for my wallet but it's bad for me, too! I'm addicted to this damned site possibly even more than I am to the flashlights and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I check the site at least every couple hours and read almost every thread that gets started. I spend hours at a time every day starting as soon as I wake up and until I fall asleep at night and I REALLY need to cut back!

I think I have reached the point where extreme slow down is required. The price of dealing with my Wife's reaction will exceed the price of the flashlights any day now.


Proofreading this got me to thinking. We make fun of the cost, normal people may think we're a but nuts, but we do have really neat lights! I get this funny smirk when I get a new light. It implies that she is amused that I'm blowing more money. However, all of my good lights combined -- including the one on her key chain that she likes -- cost about as much as one meal at a restaurant sufficient to earn me husband points.

So spending money on something that will literally be flushed down the toilet within hours and has no functional value actually makes me look good in her eyes. Spending money on a useful tool that hopefully will last for years and I also enjoy using makes me look like I'm wasting money.

The irony is that most likely I will have to budget in another one of those meals into the cost of the big thrower I want. Meal plus big thrower, no problem. Big thrower alone = problem;-)


How much is a good meal for 2 over there then? Always curious to know.

Its funny how initial impressions can be deceptive. I truly thought that you were on here a lot more often than that....... (But believe me I do know exactly what you mean.)

Well it varies widely and really depends on if / how much you drink. Wine or alcohol can add up pretty fast. I had roughly $100 in my mind when I posted. That's in the ballpark. If you don't drink, (No glass of wine probably negates husband points;-), and find the right restaurant, you can get a pretty excellent meal with good atmosphere for around $50 including tip. Personally there are a few restaurants I like where you can get a very fine meal for two in the $30 range.

OTOH, I'm sure there are plenty of people here who have dropped $200 + on a meal for 2. Guess I should count my blessings as I can earn husband points for less;-)


In Chicago, a nice meal runs about $100-$150/head with drinks/gratutity.

I don't drink (doesn't mix well - Native American blood) so it runs about half of that for me.

For an anniversary or "I'm sorry" meal, plan on dropping $300. That's Nitecore TM11 territory !!!

I see, not too bad. I mean i have that thinking too, eat too expensively and in a few hrs it's in the toilet bowl. LOL!

Well i am not a foodie, but i like food. Generally I have more or less sampled all the hotel food (and some restaurants too) in SG because of the number of wedding banquets I "attend" which probably is close to 600 now.

I do like Spicy food though. Dave's Ghost Pepper Hotsauce is nice and hot, but the taste is not really good. But i do use it sometimes for kick. I have purchased some other hotsauce from Ebay but they all taste like s***. Over here, the hotsauce (we call it chilli sauce) tastes better, but generally not really spicy/hot at all. The Indonesian ones are really nice, my in-laws are from Indo so i get to taste quite some stuff. :)


I'm using this http://www.iherb.com/Huy-Fong-Foods-Inc-Sriracha-Hot-Chili-Sauce-17-oz-482-g/33415?at=0 to pretty much all food I eat, not too spicy but gives some hotness :D

This site has caused some tension in my relationship with my GF as well as emptying my wallet.