Why can't Google Chrome spell any better than me?

Honestly why can’t it spell better than me? I stink at spelling so I rely on a spell checker for everything. Yet when I misspell something I have to try eighteen different ways before I finally give up and either use another word or go to Google which actually seems to know how to spell. Seriously, here is a program that seems to know what I want before I want it. It knows what I’m buying and probably what I will be searching for next week but it can’t spell, hipopotimus see it just came back with hypothalamus. Now what in the H E double toothpicks does hypothalamus have to do with a large mean mammal that lives in the waters of Africa? Millions and millions of dollars worth of programming and it can’t spell better than a redneck, hillbilly from BFE?

I hear ya. :bigsmile:
Makes me wish I had paid a little more attention in English class, I always hated it. Math I liked for some odd reason. :glasses:

It’s a hippopotAmus… not a hippopotImus. Spell checker doing the best with garbage in garbage out… just not a very good job with it. Apple Safari gets it right… but one would expect to see hippos on Safari.

Use Firefox then!

I have tried firefox a few times and half the sites I go to won’t run right with it.

Unfortunately I think it spells what is more commonly asked to be spelled. Or rather what is more popular of a word. It knows how to spell it but if it’s not higher up on a list in code somewhere as the word that is commonly chosen than it won’t give you what you’re looking for always.

Sounds right, it clearly uses a different method than Google because the Google search engine gets it right 99% of the time. Chrome doesn’t work half the time, at least for the words I misspell. In fact it’s less than half the time. What I don’t get is why they have such a short list. Take my Hippo example, the only alternative was hypothalamus. Why not offer the closest ten words simply by number of letters off or even a combination?

Well anyway, not a big deal I’m not really annoyed so much as I find it funny.