Why Eneloop

Why are Eneloop batteries so popular?

Eneloop AAA are rated at 750mAh but the Uniross I’ve been using for years are rated at 1000mAh they are a lot cheaper than Eneloop and they still perform to my complete satisfaction.

I need some more batteries soon so should I get Eneloop, and why??

Are the Uniross LSD? (I have never heard of them) Also what is the rated capacity and how many cycles?

Also it depends on your charger as some cheaper ones wont fully charge batterys and will just cut off when they are close enough. I don’t own AAA eneloops myself though so I don’t have experience with them.

As for the reason to “why eneloop?”, because they are tested and proven and available all over the world at a relatively low cost.

If the Uniross are good then stick with them if you like them but I doubt they have much availability globally so its not something you could recommend to many people to use.

They arrive charged and can be used out of the packet. They have a low internal resistance therefore keeping their charge longer.“Garanteed to have 80% after 3 years” from memory. I know I can leave a flashlight fitted with eneloops in my car for a long long time and it still works great when needed.

Some say that the Uniross LSD are actually Eneloops rebranded.

This test data is 5 years old so some things may have changed since then:


Why eneloop ...??

#1 Because regular nimh stink .. even though they have a higher mah (capacity ) they are always found dead when you want to use them a month and a half later .

#2 No one doesn't like eneloops .....i've never ,ever !!!.... heard of a single complaint of an eneloop battery . If a gazillion people love them ,that speaks volumes in and of itself ..

I'm not saying your batteries aren't actually doing the numbers they claim ...But eneloops are outselling them 100 to 1 without lying on their claims.

Eneloops have been tested and proven to do exactly what they say ...and most people have never even heard of the batteries you're talking about ...

That said .they may simply be re-badged eneloops and are just lying on the capacity ...If that's true anyone who ever bought them would be impressed and never know or care about the specs ..

Everyones happy with eneloops , even if they are re-badged .

* Posted before I saw ryans post above .

why eneloop, you serious?

you are testing me!! J)

Here in the US at least, Eneloops usually aren’t much more expensive than other name brand Nimhs, and sometimes cost less if you find a good deal. That’s one reason for their popularity here.

Also, the 750mah rating is conservative. Most of my AAA Eneloop have 840mah capacity on average.

My eneloops are 2550mHa and 500 charge cycles, love it, hopefully my i4 doesn’t kill em prematurely!

This post has been up for too long! :wink:

I think you would be unpleasantly surprised if you tested the capacity of your Uniross cells :slight_smile:

However, if they perform to your complete satisfaction, why change?


I s’pose you might be right about re-branding, Uniross are fully charge out of the packet and the charge lasts a long time. I’ve had a couple in the front door bell for the last two years, have never recharged them and the bell still goes ding dong.

Eneloop 800 mAh are at least twice the price here compared to Uniross 1000 mAh , Whatever :slight_smile:

Eneloops can be had for around £8 a pack from 7dayshop, and for £6 a pack in Sainsburys re-badged as ‘Duracell staycharged’. They are just higher quality, more robust etc.

I’m not familiar with those Uniross cells, but I would assume they are a rebranded version of the cheaper China made LSD if they come pre-charged. They are almost certainly over-rated in capacity, and while holding a charge better than normal LSD will probably self-discharge noticably faster than eneloops. Eneloops will probably fare better over repeated charge/discharge cycles as well. I’m not saying the ones you’re using are bad, but eneloops are simply better quality cells.

any discharge graphs available for the uniross cells ?
like 0.5 or 1C discharge.

I third this comment……

It’s as easy as, they are not Alkaleaks and they are LSD.

Whoops, according to this report the Uniross outperform the Eneloop. I’m using the 1000mAh Uniross though not the 800 mAh … Whatever, they are all much of a muchness to me and I’m happy with what I have

It is my understanding that Duracell Precharged are eneloops. At least the Japanese ones are. Which have a much higher rating than the Chinese precharged.

Do they give the discharge rate? I guess it is 200ma but what happens at 300-500-1000??

There once was a battery called Eneloop. Who could run longer than anyone in any loop. He wouldn’t have supposed to have sold more than gold, but quite rightly has won kudos from young and old.

Bottom line, Eneloops are trusted because of their consistent performance over the long haul. A lot of these other batteries tend to have shorter lives or don’t live up to their inflated specifications.

I would not buy Uniross over Eneloops. It’s all very well having more capacity but what happens after 100/200 cycles? And as other people have said pull an amp from them and then compare them.