Why Have Lights UI’s Become So Complicated?

I know I’m in the minority here but why have lights where the UI’s have become so complicated…again! The genius light builders here are amazing in what they do but why not offer lights that are less intuitive in understanding with all these ramping lights and non ramping lights where you can re-flash them to do or whatever?

I understand in this advanced computer world, you have to alter and offer stuff that keeps up with this adavance world but we’re still in a world where the general public wouldn’t buy one of these lights in a million years but folks here love them and buy them by the dozens and nothing wrong with that.

I have many lights but if I go to use them, I have to go to back to the instruction manuals just to remember how to use them! The advancement of lights nowadays is incredible but why not offer lights where you could have your choice of advanced UI configurations for you techies or just a simple click from off to a low low, low, medium, high and turbo?

I’m about burnt out with triple clicks and a long press to lock a light out and the same to get it back online. Or 10-20 clicks to change the format and another 5-6 clicks to do something else or another 10-20 clicks to just change the lighted switch!

Why all this complicated stuff nowadays? Seriously, bless you all that love this complicated stuff but why not not offer lights where us uncomplicated folks could just turn a light on with a single click, and again, with single clicks go to low low, low, medium, high and turbo or maybe a ramping system that would do that and a simple double click to turn to it off and maybe lock it out?

I swear, every light I buy nowadays has more and more complications and everyone here seems to revile in it. Why?

Let the slamming begin! :slight_smile: !

I agree 100%. When I need light and don’t feel like having to remember how it works, I just grab a simple 3 mode tail clicky light. Tint and CRI be damned, sometimes I just need light.

It’s in Man’s nature.

To make UI perfect for everyone?

I’m with you a bit on this, sometimes less is more.

It we get kicked off here :frowning: we’ll have to start SLF (Simple Light Forum)

See, we can configure the lights with UIs like Anduril and NarsilM, or Bistro or something.

After I set them to my preferred config, I never actually touch them ever again.

That’s all.

As an example, my Q8 is set to minimum moon level, button LED battery check, and nothing else. Didn’t touch it again since about what, 1,5 years?

Convoy C8 Bistro? For my father, I set it to 0,1–1–10–50. Haven’t touched it for 2 years.

Fireflies PL47. Set normal ramping levels to 3x7135 max mode and 2x click turbo, temp control, and standby LEDs to off. Haven’t touched the config since I’ve started using it.

That’s about it.

Complicated setup UIs exist so you can config the regular use UI to perfection, and never touch it again.

Because you gotta have those 14 turbo modes that last 3 seconds in order to advertise tens of thousands of lumens :slight_smile:

I have to agree. However, the one good thing about all the different programs is that I can usually program in a simple mode to my liking and be done with it.

+1 to WillyD.

As I mentioned before, UI setting are one great thing.

I like the additional functionality payoff from memorizing a few tricks to the UI, as opposed to some consumer flashlight where I have to cycle through every mode twice, including a strobe mode, before I get to the brightness level I want. I have no problem memorizing “short click,” “long press” and “double click,” and I don’t mind if each action has a different result depending on if the flashlight is on or off. The flashlight is so much more powerful of a tool if I can turn it on directly into either of three modes and then get to another mode in a predictable way once it’s on. I have found the most used functions to be pretty intuitive once I learned the basic tricks.

I can see how the triple click, quadruple click, 5 click, 3 clicks then wait then double click and hold, dozens of clicks at a time stuff is a potential landmine when some of those actions can result in changing the configuration of the flashlight if you hand it to an impulsive clicker, without instructions or somebody who has memorized the instructions on site. And by the way, I have yet to buy a flashlight with Narsil UI that actually came with instructions in the box. You have to dig around on the internet to figure out how to use all the advanced modes, and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. The crux of the issue seems to be that flashlights are approaching the complexity of function of a small, simplistic computer, but they only have a single button and single LED to interact with them, whereas any computer is going to have a keyboard, a mouse and a high resolution screen.

Don’t buy them.
Just read the reviews or product page and if it has a UI that is too complicated simply don’t buy it.

I know what it’s like to overlook deal-killers and buy a light anyway. There are so many variations of UIs and many of them are awful. It took a while but I’ve finally stopped buying flashlights that I won’t use. Takes time and money.

Just like with my computer, I learn enough of the UI to get where I wanna be. You can really keep it simple if that’s all you want. That’s what I do. I’m almost to full retirement age and I have it on my bucket list to learn the ins and outs of Anduril and Narsil……and learn to play the harmonica—not necessarily in that order. Meanwhile I just stick to the basic clicks I need. The more complicated stuff is there to challenge me down the line. I kinda like that. Looking forward to it. JMO :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP. That’s why I carry a pitch torch as an EDC. :confounded:

I prefer to have the tech that can control temperatures and safety of the li-ions. There is something disconcerting about my pants on fire.

Nothin I like better than 7 clicks to change my Q8 button illumination mode. Bring it on! :smiling_imp:

I like both, the complicated and the simple. I do know what you mean though with all those clicks. I have to look up the UI cheatsheets sometimes too.
What makes these complicated BLF born UI’s great is that the code is free for all. Learn to modify the code and you can have what ever modes you like.
To me that’s one of top ten things this forum has allowed us flashlight freaks to do. Most of us old timers here can remember the days when you only had a few modes but included those d* flashy modes in the main UI. You had to go threw those modes to get back to the first mode. There were no moonlight modes. You were stuck with what ever low mode and flashy modes it came with. We complained and complained but the oversea’s people seem to never hear us. Sometimes the UI started in high, med, low then the flashy modes getting back to high. There were no momentary switch lights that I remember, just clicky switch lights. Some had mode memory some didn’t. It really sucked.

Then tido started the tidal wave that changed it all. Probably the single most important thing to ever happen to this hobby of ours.
I agree that some of these UI’s are challenging but the people here that come up with these UI’s are only listening to what others here have suggested.
There is no perfect UI for everyone unless it be a V11R or Jetbeam RRT01 but I for one am happy we have choices now instead of like in the past where we had no say so. Just what ever modes china decided we needed.
If you prefer the simpler normal modes, then your happiness lies in learning how to modify the code and flashing the driver. It’s really not that hard but does take some effort and reading to learn. It really has made this hobby way more enjoyable for me. I can make my perfect UI just the way I like it. :wink:

One argument about changes. It should be time limited so muggles don’t keep pressing to get alien reception.

After power up (screw on the csp), 1 minute to make a change.

I like simple, it’s a flashlight…
D4 is as complicated as I can handle. Anything more, I can’t remember how to use it. Not remembering how to use… it don’t get used.

I have to agree also about the expanding plethora of UI options.
If you know how many times I have sworn at lights that require 2 second turn off tap……
I demand an international UI standard! :partying_face:

High - Low - Strobe?

High - Medium - Low - Strobe - SOS?

I also prefer something useful and simple. I prioritize full regulation over gimmicks.

Do what I do, memorize the UI you like (anduril) and then install new replacement drivers (some of them custom boards) in all your lights so they all run the same UI.

I agree. That’s why I still like to put the A6 driver in my lights. Simple, cheap, bulletproof.