Why is Exduct site down?

What up with Exduct? I have been wanting to order a few more knives and keep checking their website but it has been down most of the summer. Any info?

I think there are still bugs preventing them from reopening the site (see Jacky’s post). You can use their Aliexpress store though.

The new site is up…but they are still in the midst of adding their knives into the site…you can go view their site and take note of the changes made…there have been many changes to how they are selling their knives eg. free shipping and % discounts on different amounts of $$ spent…

just to archive jacky from other thread chloe linked:

now that the new site is up i hope jacky can explain how past raffle winners and people with affiliate coupon value can claim remaining funds.

So far the prices I have seen are higher than before. You get free shipping but obviously they raised prices to cover shipping. Everyone offers free shipping but Exduct had the best price before shipping. If you wanted a bunch of knives, Exduct was the place to shop.