Why is it so hard to find this kind of light?

I’m an HVAC Tech and wear a hat at work. A head lamp doesn’t work well for me so I need a good light to clip to my hat but it amazes me how hard it is to find a light with these simple common sense design features :FACEPALM:

- Has to mount securely to the bill of a baseball hat


  • No button cell batteries (I prefer AAA or AA since the company provides those…rechargeable is ok but then I’d have to buy two of them)


  • One mode or mode memory (I can turn on and off a light like 50 times in one day. It has to be efficient to do so).


  • The one mode or mode memory gives descent run time like 5hrs, although I would prefer at least 8hrs


  • The leds need to be on a hinge so they can be pointed downward if I’m working on something low

i would recommend Skilhunt h03, it has all the feature you want

What sort of hat? Like a baseball hat, and you want the light to attach to the bill?

Fenix hl55

Thanks for all the replies! :smiley: Let me add one more detail. The company supplies me with AAA and AA batteries so being able to use those would be a plus for sure. It would add a lot of expense if I have to buy special lithium batteries and a charger etc.

I looked over this one. The mode memory is a major plus. Why the zebra does not have that boggles my mind :FACEPALM: . I’m not sure how I would attach it to a hat though and I see it takes a special battery

Yes a baseball hat where the light attaches to the bill. I always wear a hat because it really protects your head from insulation, spiders, floor joists etc. As a tech I go into some nasty places. And a head lamp just does not work well with a hat.

This looks like more of a headlamp…I’m needing something that attaches to a hat.

I’m looking for something like this one pictured below, but simply cannot find anything that meets my criteria. The one below uses button cell batteries…that is so dumb :frowning:

Armytek elf c2 (warm model have a better tint). Its a headlamp but come with a rechargeable 18650 battery and the headband can fit on a hat. You can recharge it with a micro usb adapter

You could also buy one of these and attach any decent light you like


A hat brim light requires a unique geometry that larger/quality lights just don’t seem to have. One possibility is to sort of fabricate a clip system. Get a clip like this.

And somehow attach it to the belt clip (or rubber forehead mount) of a smaller right angle light like the manker E03H. This way when you swivel the light it would move the beam up and down like you want.

Alright now we’re getting somewhere :smiley: I like it! It has some really great features and seems to meet all my criteria. The head band will not work since the bill of the hat blocks the light but the special mount looks like it will.

On amazon right now it looks like my only option is the C1 because it comes with the additional AMH-02 mount. I think that is what a need for a baseball hat correct? Run-Time is a little low on the C1 but since it has a built in charger it’ll be easy for me just to buy some extra batteries.

I’d still like to hear of some other options if anyone has them. Thanks!

Nitecore TIP

A 5 dollar lithium ion battery that holds 5x the energy of a AA, can be charged 500 times, and a 5 dollar usb charger is too much expense?

I found this one, similar to that other one you linked, but this one says AAA cells. Personally I like the regular flashlight with hat-clip idea better

Hmmm that’s a good idea. My EDC is a Nitecore MT06MD. I wonder if I could find a mount small enough to fit around that one.

Thanks for the suggestion but it looks like it has the same flaw many other lights have which is goofy modes of operation. Getting it in constant on mode looks like a pain.

No it’s not. I’m a newb when it comes to the rechargeable options and set-ups out there. I literal know nothing about them. I assumed they were expensive. So maybe I do need to get educated on that rather than sticking to old school AA and AAA.

Thank you however, it doesn’t swivel so it would be hard for me to direct the light. With the “regular flashlight” option I think only the 90 degree flashlight like the elf C1 will work because the light beam can be tilted up or down.

Actually not that hard to find one that is similar to the Thorfire light but uses three AAA batteries. It took about 2 minutes to find one on eBay with a US seller $5.69 postpaid https://www.ebay.com/itm/COB-LED-Bright-Clip-on-Cap-Hats-Brim-Light-Headlamp-for-Camping-Hiking-Outdoor/153107075580?epid=16021616544&hash=item23a5e491fc:g:JzsAAOSwqMtbUZ6T
This one uses a chip-on-board LED set. A COB of this size and design probably puts out 100 lumens. Surprisingly, the price from China sellers is just about the same so it’s not worth ordering from China vs the US seller.

Yes but the problem is the 3 modes. 99% of the lights that I look at don’t have mode memory. When a light is used professionally (like for HVAC work) that light may get switched on and off 50 times a day. Having to hit the power button 3-5 times just to get the light off may not seem like a big deal but it definitely is. Especially when your light is shining in the face of a homeowner and you’re switching through all the modes trying to get it off haha :smiley:

I’d get a Coast G15 for its clip, then use it with a different 1xAAA light. Preferably one with a Nichia LED like is optional on the Manker E02.

That seems to be ABS plastic, You can always use a lighter and heat up the plastic and use gloves to close the gap to fit the light you want (Plastic will be hot) or just glue a piece of mouse pad material to the inside to make it a snug slip resistant fit.

Yes I agree the light isn’t great but that clip does look like a good option! :THUMBS-UP:

Great idea! :THUMBS-UP:

Thank you to everyone for comments and ideas! I’m still up for discussing this further but I did just make some purchases.

Flashlight: Armytek Elf C1
This light has everything I wanted, plus some additional features I like (tail stand, head stand, magnet in base, waterproof, etc). The C1 has a lot less runtime than the C2 but I really like the size of the C1. I may make a custom leather case for it that holds it and the AMH-02 mount.
Charger: ADEASKA SQ2
Even though I’m unfamiliar with the rechargeable flashlight world, I am familiar with electronics and electrical parameters. I chose this charger because it doesn’t just charge the battery it gives a lot of parameters that I find useful. The C1 does charge it’s own battery but since I need spare batteries, I need a separate charger. The charger has micro-usb input which I need for using it in my service van. It also can output 5V from a battery so that’s kind of cool as well.
EDIT I got this charger and I hate it (see thread) I’m going with an xtar instead
18350: Efest IMR
18350s just don’t seem to have high capacity unless the advertiser lies about it. Anyway, this brand was recommended in an old post I found, and I was able to find them online so I just decided to get them.