Why is our ThruNite TN31 better than theirs?

Why is our ThruNite TN31 better than theirs?

We have a few Brand New ThruNite TN31 lights in stock.

Why are ours better?

There have been reports that some of the recently shipped TN31s and TN30s have not quite shown the attention to QC for which the company is legendary.

OURS WILL BE PRECHECKED (unless you prefer otherwise).

$119 including shipping via Priority Mail within the US

(and add a ThruNite ti for $6 if you'd like to)

Why take the chance you’ll have to send yours back?

Why take the chance you’ll have to wait for shipping from China?

We’ll be adding another layer of QC and that QC will be done by two highly discriminating BLF members!

Interested? Please PM KumaBear.

Happy New Year!

Fantastic deal... are you planning to offer the TN30 also?

Holy s**t Bob! How long will this deal be available?

How long will this be available? I will be getting one from you on Wednesday most likely.

Great deal! I’ll be in contact if the Thrunite store denies my “best offer”

Wow well EFF me. Just got mine direct. I would have waited and got it from you for sure.

Really nice.
Do you post in Europe?

Would had bought one at that price :slight_smile:

Will you also be checking for Reflector fogginess?

How about a TN31 Flashlight + 18650’s deal?

+1 and how about TN31 and TN30 combo deal? :smiley:

110? man I might just need to get one

another +1 on the TN 31/battery deal.

Thank you for the tip about "reflector fogginess" - we'll keep an eye out for it.

Why do you ask about a combination deal with 18650s? Are you interested in another?

If so, what did you have in mind?

Thank You for your post and Best Regards,

KumaBear Bob


Thank you for your interest.

What did you have in mind?

Best Regards,

KumaBear Bob

Whoa, if someone actually did QC, I would buy a lot more TN!!!