why isnt there a flashlight beltbuckle

As the title implies. A flashlight integrated into a belt buckle. Perfect for night walks or hiking. Hands free and forward mounted. Serious idea anyone think it’d be worth while to try?

There is :smiley:

Oops…nope it was a grappling hook

but he had a solution for that…
“bully blinders”

Data…the first BLF’er :slight_smile:

Sounds like a novelty more than something useful. You would get the same functionality from a right angle light clipped onto your belt without having to commit to an entire belt/buckle just for this. I’d much rather have a headlamp.

Is this a joke?

The belt buckle is where you keep your back up pistol.

Was wondering when that little jewel would show up :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t even remember how many years I have wanted one of those, someday.

just get one of these. thats what i do.

I don’t need one. I already know what’s down there. :wink:

I suppose you could glue a headtorch to a belt buckle - that wouldn’t look too out of place (so long as you dont buy a long one! :wink: ). Could just clip the battery pack to your belt.
Apparently Led Lenser do one - the H4 here says you can clip it to your belt (in some sort of case).
‘The handy integrated 360° belt clip on the case is a smart feature that allows the torch to be attached to a belt and for the light to be directed easily to just the right light angle required.’

Because, You would be labeled a Terrorist by the TSA! IT would come with a warning label: “Everyone who orders the Flashlight Belt will be automatically put on the NO FLY list!”

The over- legislated Republic of California would surely restrict the out put;
Limiting it to 10 lumens, and requiring the Manufacturer to participate in
Micro Stamping for future models :frowning:


You can attach a light to your belt tho. :slight_smile: