Why low numbers entering the O-L contest?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:


I voted wrong time of year while in reality it’s wrong time of my life. :frowning:


I am just getting into this hobby but I sure hope there’s another O-L contest next year!

Hi guys. I’ll be straight up and say I’ve been having some pm discussion over why the O-L contest attracts so few participants. There was no real conclusion because … well…. we don’t know why. Hence I’m here to ask for your help and advice on how we might make it a better more approachable competition.

Did you know the comp has a new category that has had the rules changed since the opening of the contest? Hint - if you’ve done a mod and posted in the ‘what did you mod today’ thread within the time frame of the comp then you are eligible to enter the comp :partying_face:

Please if you haven’t already, have a good read of the comp rules and think how we might make it better and more accessible to everyone so we can attract more participants.

I don’t want to down play or dis any of the few that have entered (past and present). I just don’t want the O-L contest to die a slow painful death.

Oh, to be young and carefree again….

I sure hope it happens next year too but why not enter this year?

Nope, I don’t think I can finish it right on time this year. We’ll see next year.


I voted too busy.

With my lack of skills I’d probably just embarrass myself, but I wouldn’t let that stop me if I could find the time!

I hope to enter next year if the contest runs again.

Sorry my question was more for watermanchris. If you’re too busy then you’re too busy. I get that :beer:

That’s the kind of spirit we’re looking for. Unfortunately you’re also too busy :cry:

I voted the last option, I plan to, and I feel my project has pretty high priority in my head (i.e. I’m really wanting to get to it) but it’s hunting season and family get together season and busy time at work and as much as I want to / plan to I’m just not sure if I’ll make it.

Also note, as is par for the course [of my modding] this project calls for custom driver boards (yes plural) and between designing the circuit, designing the board waiting in boards from fab, any corrections any time in that stage, building the boards and only then starting the light build it just requires so much time and even though the time was extended this year it’s still the wrong time of year for me to have that much free time so I just don’t know…

Sounds to me like you’re already running behind time. Since you’re an experienced modder I think you’d likely be making something anyway :wink:

Reading between the lines, there may not be a next competition if more people don’t support this one.

It is great to see people voting, AND following it up with helpful comments. I’m sure that will help the organisers even more than the poll alone. :+1:
I know from talking to that Scotch guy :cowboy_hat_face: , they are having kittens trying to establish the whys and wherefores of the low uptake.

In the last few years didn’t the winners have to fight to get their winnings shipped. Is that correct? What was the drama there?

I sure hope it happens next year too but why not enter this year?

I haven’t actually modded anything yet with the exception of adding trits, glow gaskets or optics. I need to get some equipment and finish building out my shop. Don’t worry though, I have some big plans. :smiley:

Last year there were problems on:

Judges did not have time to do the judging (which is proven to be very time-consuming)

Sponsors did not deliver:
Gearbest promised gift cards, but later explained that they are not able to create them, asking the winner to contact them directly etc.

Wuben had problems with TO50R production.

the having too little time to follow & comment the build threads.

Yodel lost my prize, nothing to do with the contest or sponsors.

I hear there’s a cracking team behind it this year though.

I always enjoyed the OL build contest. I entered it twice 2 years in a row, but for the last year or so i have been dedicating all my free time to the LT1 project, and hope to probably enter the OL contest again maybe next year once i move provinces.

You're going to rearrange the provinces? Wow, that is an ambitious project.

Like physically move then around on earth or just swap their names around? Either way good luck!

That’s excellent :slight_smile: