Why Only Kept Signed In For A Month?

I note that BLF seems to require that my sign in be repeated on the second of every month even though I have not signed out. Why? Other groups I belong to have much more permanent sign-in periods and I presume that the only difference is the expiration time of the membership cookie which is uploaded to my computer at sign in.

Why 1 month? Does it aid security? I would prefer a 1 year date or permanent cookie.

Security. Some sites require an annual password change.

I suppose that you could have the browser remember your password if you’re cool with that.

I do have my browser set to remember passwords as I am the only user of my computer. Still a hassle having to do the sign-in bit monthly compared to the notorious competition site, the one which starts with “C”.

Mine will expire over a weekend if I haven’t “shown up” during that time. I can look at BLF on Friday, stay away Saturday and Sunday, and when I come back Monday, I have to log back in. I guess I’ve never made it to one month to find out if mine expires that way. Maybe I should try at least checking in over the weekend for several weeks to see if it happens to me.

I’m signed out every time I use a different browser.
Firefox, Chrome, Boat, IE; on PCs, phone, tablet, laptop, VM etc.

I have to relog-in two times a month , not sure why.

Our beloved admin has lovingly made sure that you don't spend more than a month in one sitting looking through BLF.

It feels like it’s a lot shorter than a month. I keep having to log in on the different devices I use…

weird since i need to log in every week :quest:

What hardware are you using to log on/browse?

One click per month qualifies as a hassle?

If you use multiple devices each has it’s own cookie for a given site so that each will require separate sign-in when the cookie in that device expires and the cookie may be set to expire monthly or if the site is not visited for SOME SET TIME as I understand things. Also if you use multiple browsers on one device each browser has it’s own set of cookies so far as I have observed.

Using a 32 bit Intel processor Dell Tower system (old!) with Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox browser.

Yes when the cookie expires part way through a site visit session and you are in the middle of a post. BTW with Firefox I have to reenter my user name then the browser enters the password.

Im using Chrome on Windows 8.1/Android and Safari on iPad. The only place I ever need to sign in from time to time is on the iPad. Chrome remembers both user and password and logging in is a matter of one click, literally.

I dont mind signing back in monthly, what really peeves me is when the cookie expires in the middle of typing a long post and you loose it when you hit submit and instead of posting it takes you to the log in page and doesnt save your post.

Cookies expire at an exact date and time (down to the minute), when that time comes it doesnt matter if you’re in the middle of posting or away from your computer, it is happening either way. That’s the only aspect that bothers me.