Wi-fi enabled LED bulbs - Phillips Hue alternative

Welcome to the next generation of smart living, we at ambiLite believe in bringing the next generation smart living to you at an affordable and competitive price, which we hope will encourage everyone to jump on board and embrace our products. With our introductory lighting products, we hope it will create an ambient environment for your needs and moods, easily via your smartphone. Hope you enjoy our product as we have enjoyed developing and bringing it to you.

ambiLite provides versatile, smart and efficient solutions leveraging user friendly mobile application to control and enhance your living, communal and working space. Its is the easiest way to set the mood of your lights via ambiLite smartphone app.

See prices here for this led mood lighting system

Would love to see pictures of driver and led diodes used…
Bulb body is “standard” cheap type so “business” side should better be good for asked price.

heheh this reminds me, I am active on a Dutch tech website, home automation and this kind of wifi lights are very popular there.
Some time ago the postman was replaced by a new post officer, she refused to get onto our terrain even though the gate usually is open. She wanted me to install one of those modern wireless doorbells.
That not really fits the house so I bought (and wrote a blog about t on the techsite lol)
a wireless, electicity free, sustainable, system with WIRELESS sound:

The post officer felt respected and now just brings the packages to the door :wink:


Are you offering samples for testing and review?

I suspect she might have actually used a wireless doorbell. But ringing a large loud bell feels rude when you could just walk over and drop it off. Pressing a little button (silent to her) doesn’t feel as bad. Good use of social engineering! :smiley: Even if you may not have intended to do it.

Interesting choice of name considering Philips already makes a product called Ambilight. Looks like an ok deal though, assuming the 800 lumen rating is accurate.

Hi, thanks for putting this in the commercial sellers’ forum. It’s very appreciated when people involved with a product are forthright about it. :slight_smile:

Also, wirelessly-controllable lighting just came up today in another thread. Is the control API open / available for people to interface their custom apps with? For example, getting the light to change in a specific manner whenever new email is received, or simulate a sunrise to help someone wake up at the right time, or turn red whenever a production server goes down at work, or … whatever.

Give us something open. Otherwise it’s not that interesting.

Toykeeper, now that is a light i would buy!

Oh I laughed when reading this, you could be right, it was unintentionalbut you are probebly spot on.

Price for Starter Kit (2x bulb+bridge) is double than Philips Hue Starter Set (2x A60 bulbs+bridge 1.0, 45€ at conrad electronic).
So what’s the advantage of the ambiLite compared to Philips Hue?
And what about CE/RoHS certification, color rendering index and flickering?