Wikipedia has a list of common misperceptions

How many of yours does it shatter?

I just read arts and culture, it doesn’t shatter anything so far. I either knew correctly or had never heard the misconception.

Will read some more latter.

The Sun’s color is white, with a CIE color-space index near (0.3, 0.3), when viewed from space or when high in the sky; when low in the sky, atmospheric scattering renders the Sun yellow, red, orange, or magenta. Despite its typical whiteness, most people mentally picture the Sun as yellow; the reasons for this are the subject of debate.[193]

Another misconception and not listed.
You can believe everything you read in Wikipedia :wink:

It’s a common misconception that all common misconceptions are true? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s too deep for me to understand… I’ve been searing my chicken for years!

They should add this one on the list:

  • Common misconception: Li-ion batteries should only be charged to 4.20V

See now your gone and done it. You’ve done the thing that some feared would be done. But now it’s done so what now?