WildTrail BLFD80V2 sales


Hello, have a good day everyone.

I notice that some blf members failed to pay for the blf d80V2 flashlight after i changed the price down to
27.7USD. Now i directly changed the price about 27.7USD, and you can buy it directly without leaving message.
And the price may up to 37.7 after 7 days.

Here is the Purchase link

Here is the BLF threads

Link above doesn’t work for me.
this one should be you guys?

My first ‘bright’ flashlight that impressed me was a Lucky Sun, back in the year 2012. Sold it to a friend and until now it’s still working, never missed a beat.

Great quality for its price.

I don’t remember the model, but it was a 2x18650, xml light that came with 2 protecteds and a charger combo.

Looking back, it had the most pleasing hotspot and spill, no rings, nothing you would expect from a ‘low budget’ light.

Yup, I didn't know this brand is still around.

Hello duramax, try this link,


Or search keyword ' LUCKYSUN' or ‘ NICONATURE' on aliexpress, then you can find our store.


Low-high-strobe is undesirable. Especially if the high drops down in one or two minutes.

Very low-medium- high is better. If there is a strobe mode, it should be in a different mode group or accessed by a double click.

The description states “rotary switch”. Is it magnetic or a twisty head on threaded tube?

I really like the Ti50 but, are the mode selections really Mid2-Mid1-Low-Strobe-High-SOS? In that order. Please tell me this isn’t the case. That is awful.

I do not see new designs since two years ago

I want to buy two or three lights in your shop, but I can`t pay via PayPal. Please change the payment options for us people in the BLF.


I open 6 of their lamps and on all of them modes are like that, so probably it is copy-paste to all of them and it is not correct. I can’t imagine that kind of order in light :open_mouth:


This light can work on 1x 26650 or only on 2x 26650 ?

hello calaveras, it is twisty head.

YES, it is Mid2-Mid1-Low-Strobe-High-SOS. as we may use mid2 or mid1 frequently under normal condition.

HI warzi1975, you can use paypal now. i just change the payment options. thanks

Thank you for your concern, we will do it.

hi, thers is one extend tube on this flashlight. if you dont need the extend tube, you can take off it and just use one 26650. thanks

Okay then, good luck with your sales. I was sold on the looks and you lost me on the UI.

Hi LuckySun!
Do you have this model only in Stainless Steel and Titanium or also in aluminium?

Thanks in advance :+1:

Also, damn does that light looks nice:

Other than the UI, this looks like a 26650 Sofirn C8F with 5050 LEDs. Would make a driver swap and XHP50.2 swaps really easy.


I guess we are going back and get renewed interest in the “oldies” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it also looks like they updated some things too, like the brightness and the driver itself for higher power and a bit better UI.