【ツ】WildTrail WT1M & WT3M Sales Thread

Isn’t that strange, it’s just a 7135 driver, maybe it uses a higher PWM frequency (fast PWM ?) And the 7135 can’t lit up below a certain PWM level because the on time is too short ?

Hhmm, it's an older Anduril version - source code lost w/Lexel - really hope he's doing better. I upgraded my WT1M proto SST-40 to A2, probably will do the same with the new XHP50.2 version. Gotta check notes to see if we had this issue or not. Usually can got down to PWM value of 1, but not always, mostly dependent o the LED. Thought w/single LED was better though, hhmm.

Dunno, I'm really liking the raw/anodized finished on these WildTrails. Related to that, just received a ROT66 raw alum from a member to do a tear down on. It's got a significant parasitic drain problem, maybe a 7135 issue. Wonder if the high amp drain can damage them. Anyways, this ROT66 is also gorgeous!! I bought the original in black w/9 LED's, and was always so-so with it. But the new 12 LED model in raw - eliminated the battery carrier, better battery tube grip and look, bigger SS tailcap - all good improvements.

Gotta try level 1 with mine - will post results.

Thanks guys for your help- and now I do remember that at some point I did read g_damian's post about level21/150! Awesome!

honestly the light is SO GOOD, I don't care about this little glitch! I just wanted to find a workaround was all. And setting to 21/150 is FINE by me. I did set it to 10/150 (usually what I set my stepped ramping minimum too anyway). So with a thrower of the lowest mode is 21, I don't care at all. If it were an edc light I would be bummed, but not with this little thrower beast.

Once I sell the light I have for sale, I'm buying another wt1m immediately. I love this light, and yes I'll have two in the same color. The raw ani is gorgeous!

19 works for me - "glow" mode.

I just set both ramp and step to 22, works great , I'm 100% happy again !

I traced the low level problem down to the 7135. Swapping out the single 7135 for the low channel fixed the problem, so we suspect the batch of 7135's has this issue, even though they have the markings of the "better", correct 7135's. There's history here on 7135 issues. Some could not perform well at low PWM's, but in the past they had different marking so were easy to identify. It's really not a significant issue but does reduce the 150 ramping entries down to ~130. But at least starting at 20 or so looks like it does as well as a good 7135 at level 1.

Raptor Claw is the good one, Sailboat are the not so good ones, see pic here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/44540.

We've had trouble finding the good Raptor Claw ones in the past, Lexel post here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/41018/1484

It's strange, but I believe Lexel came across Raptor Claw marked 7135's that did not perform well.

Man, thanks for this great info Tom! Very helpful, amazing that you found this issue so fast! So i clicked on Lexel's link for the "raptor clw" in that thread which brought me here https://lcsc.com/product-detail/LED-Drivers_MEL7135PG_C80214.html

and it looks like they're in stock? 5 minimum at about $.65 a piece?

Or are these the not so good raptor claws you're referring to? how confusing! no wonder why light manufacturers run into delays and issues in manufacturing, with stuff like these tiny 7135 being bad sometimes, but not other times, you would think we would see a LOT more issues. glad we seem lucky!

They look like the right ones, but we can't go by the markings anymore.

Regarding low duty cycle performance of 7135s, I still have a small supply of O.G. AMC chips. I swapped one in an FW3A thinking it’d allow me to lower the floor level, and to my surprise, it may have been worse. Have you experienced this Tom?

The raptorclaw were always the best.

Got mine today, single SST40 and 3x XHP50

These beauties sat in international sorting for two weeks due to COVID in the facility so a bit late to the party.
I can’t get over how small they are, especially the triple. Beautiful design. The WT1M has some sharp edges on the head. The buttons are the same as WT90. Lanyard attachments on the tails.
WT1M has a nice hotspot, beautiful reflector. WT3M has shallow OP reflector so nice and wide beam out front. Some very dry lube on the threads, they squeak, so take care as there’s no spare orings.

Do these two flashlights have any known problems, that I must be aware before buying.
What drivers do they use? Modern internal design or low cost drivers…?

Thank you

Kind regards

Any estimates of sustained brightness in the WT3M ?

Note the battery size restrictions listed in the OP.

Driver is, I guess, an older BLF design with 3 channels: a single 7135, bank of 7135's, and a direct FET channel. I wouldn't call it low cost - it is, after all, a driver running Anduril with 3 output channels, 2 of which are amp regulated. PWM's are used though throughout the ramping range, accept for Max/turbo but the PWM speed is very high at about 16 kHz.

Thank you for your answer.
So, nothing special…

Maybe not, but IME this WT1M is DEFINITELY special. the quality of the reflector / beam centering & focusing / build quality / and aesthetics / UI, for under $30 ?!?

I mean i dont know what your definition of special is, but after buying numerous $50-$100 lights where i need work on dialing in the beam for a quality looking beam, and getting this THIRTY DOLLAR WildTrail WT1m and have the beam look PERFECT ..

that is special to me.

The driver, i could care less about really, especially since the UI is on point.

Just looked at this again and Aliexpress now has free shipping to my area, (was $50.65) and a $2 coupon that brings the price to $37 for WT3M XHP50.2 and $23 for WT1M SST40. Great prices on what look to be very nice lights.

BG just delayed shipping again for another week so I’ll cancel my BG order tomorrow and order at Ali. Good deal.

thanks for the heads up! Dude, the wt1m is really impressive. Just the beam quality alone, I'm ordering a second one now. I want the "3M", but this 1m is just so awesome, it needs a green CSLPM1 led, or maybe a CULPM1 Osram. Either way, my second is getting an Osram

You have misunderstood Gregor.

Gregor has asked if these flashlights had any faults to be aware of before buying them. “Tom E” has answered a couple of small “failures” that they have, and then “Gregor” has replied that “nothing special then”, that the “failures” were nothing serious. He was referring to the faults, not the flashlights.
These flashlights are wonderful considering their price.

my fault, apologies Gregor..

I was responding to what I thought was Gregor's reaction to: "does this light have a modern driver or low cost driver".

I get a bit HOT when I sense there is someone dwelling on a lights overall quality based on whether it has a complex buck/boost driver, and no consideration is given to any other aspect of the light. On a $100 light, yes, a intelligent efficient driver may be expected, but on a sub $50 light i don't see how it would be expected... there is one member who comes to mind that spews about this, but it is not Gregor. So I apologize..

this light is awesome.

both lights I've bought from them have been exceptional.