Will 219B LED Fit on 219C PCB?

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I’m considering doing an emitter swap. Problem is, I want to go from a 219C to a 219B.

Will the 219B LED still fit the same contacts footprint on the 219C PCB?

And automatically center when soldering the same?



Yes, it has the same footprint.
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Thanks for confirming, very happy to hear!

I noticed some websites selling PCBs and MCPCBs for the “219C” without mention of the 219B, had me concerned. But I guess that is due to the fact that the 219B is discontinued now?

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fyi, you can get really nice 219b LED still, from

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and yes
219B LED does have the same footprint and solder pads as the XP-L, XP-G, XP-G2 and samsung LH351D

so yes, it will center itself on the mcpcb during a reflow

Does that cover them all?

Would you happen to know if that includes the XP-L “HD”?

Sorry to go a bit off topic.

yes, if it starts with “XP” (L, HD), it fits same as if it starts with “219” (abc)

The footprint of the 219B and 219C is very common, it is called the 3535 footprint, first introduced by Cree in their “XP” series, but now all the large led manufacturers have led series in 3535 footprint.

And there is the missing information, footprint 3535. Lots to learn! Thank you very much.

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here is a tutorial with photos showing an XP-L to N219b LED reflow…

wish you good progress, many here are happy to help

Common Led Footprints (imcomplete)

You can see 3535 is very popular.

Will be posting in your thread! I like your equipment…

Very useful thank you! Source?

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