WIll it impress me?

So, I am compelled to buy a new light. I already own a Solarforce L2 and L2T w/ 3-mode XP-G's. I really like the L2T and I have an extra XP-G drop-in. I am giving thought to buying a second L2T as a back-up.

I'm not interested in flood, or aspheric lens'.

I've been looking at a UltraFire C8, 5-mode XP-E from Kaidomain. I don't own an XP-E based light yet.


Can't tell if it has mode memory, don't like the "blinky" modes.

I could see this light being modded relatively soon, 3-modes w/ memory.

A C8 style light will be a toy for the most part. I don't see carrying a light this large very often.

If it throws like the blazes, compared to the L2 w/ XP-G already mounted, and I could get it to mount on my AR-15 it might find a home.

I have a couple of questions...

Does anyone know if this light has mode memory?

Will it throw so well that it "wows" me compared to the L2T w/ XP-G?

Are there remote pressure switches that are compatible?


It’s hard to “wowed” by a light. Certainly not by changing from a XP-G to a XR-E in a P60 sized reflector. If you bought something larger like a Uniquefire HS-802 you might be “wowed”. Hard to say. I can’t answer your other questions.