~ Will they see our lights from Space?

OK… if every BLF member all gathered at the Bonneville Salt flats with every flashlight we all own, and we all tail stood every flashlight roughly a foot from one another facing up towards the sky, with all of them turned on at the same time on the highest modes, what would it look like to the astronauts on board the ISS (International Space Station) if it were to pass directly over the beams?

(i think its time for me to go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue: )

That would be a heck of a party for sure
Answer is yes I think

I’ve always wondered if an astronauts on the ISS would be able to see a single green laser pointer, or how much candella it would take for them to see a single flashlight.

I think this is good information for many of you

Somewhat related, but still an informative read on viewing lasers from space:


If our aim was good, we’d probably be able to charge their solar panels. The lumens would be insane.

That would be Glowing man then :sunglasses: one party i would like to attend for sure, and i might even skip my only drinking on newyears evening rule of thumb for that.

It would also be the one party where the use of shades at night might actually be a good idea :smiley:

Just imagine 5000 people with all manner of flashlights in one place at night.