Win an Astrolux EC01 Flashlight

Banggood 13th Anniversary Celebration offers special deals on new product releases from various brands (Blitzwolf, Digoo, MI, Eachine, Geekcreit, Daniu, Xiaomi, etc). For this special occasion, will give away an Astrolux EC01 flashlight. Winner will be randomly selected. Starts now and ends on Sept. 10th at 11PM New York Time.
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Prize: Astrolux EC01 XHP50B-3V 3500LM 298m Anduril UI USB-C Rechargeable IPX8 Waterproof 21700 18650 LED Flashlight - 6000-6500k Product Link: EC01 does not include a 21700 battery. Use discount code Astrolux24 if you want to buy it now.

Facebook. :person_facepalming:

Sorry, but I don't do Facebook. Even if I did, I would never ding my friends as part of a contest I wanted to enter.

I love your giveaways here at BLF (when Facebook is not part of them). So I look forward to the next time you do one here.

Until then, good luck!

no Facebook here either

Sorry no facebook nor any other social network

Strongly against FB. I’m happy to hear I’m not alone :slight_smile:

FB? >>> :person_facepalming:

Thank you very much for your offer, but I don’t do Fakebook. :person_facepalming:

Never did, and never will. Or any other form of “social” media.
To me that is one step away from a parallel universe. Cause I’m socially challenged.

Good luck with your GAW.


*note to self : KILL BobMcBob

:confounded: FB

Tag 3 friends? I’m out.

Yet another facegaw? :weary:

They will be giving this flashlight free in Corn Flakes soon

I do not have Facebook! :confounded:

Nah… I appreciate the thought, but I’d just feel too dirty if I bothered my friends with facebook spam. That’s above and beyond the standard dirty feeling of going to FB in general.

No Facebook here!

Wow, I’m impressed with the number of Facebook resisters here. (I’m another one.) Birds of a feather, right? :innocent:

Yeah, I’m not one of those who snaps pix of my food and posts it for all the world to see (as if anyone’d even care).

I don’t see the appeal, either.