Windows 10 discuss - Now with Screen Shots

Well, I went ahead and did the free upgrade to Windows 10, on my PC. It sucks! Now my PC is like trying to use a 27" tablet.

Minimalist my arse. The only reason for minimalist is all the crappy tablets out there. What's wrong with sitting at home with a 27", (or larger), screen, enjoying actually being able to see something?

Bing! Freak - bing, okay?

I freakin hate bing. Bing Bong, all gone. I prefer Google search and I sure do not want Microsoft watching my every move. Windows 10 with an "express install" is a mistake. Look for that window as it upgrades and then click on custom install in the bottom left corner and turn off all the junk where Microsoft wants to record everything you type in your browser, to "help them". I think that is a mistake. It's like big brother watching your every BM.

I am going to go back to Win 8.1, that was bad enough, but this is terrible. The "new Edge" browser, set up for bing and siphoned directly off Microsoft. Terrible. A copy of Google Chrome and Opera. The new minimalist browser. You know, it's all about tablets. Tablets don't do hover, so now even your PC, which used to be simple, with a mouse click and hover, now has to go through all the steps that a tablet does, so your clicking just tripled!


Ok, I'm done, have fun.

Ok, so I reloaded Win 10 on my PC, so I could show some screen shots.

When you install it, you first get a window on the desktop showing that it is downloading, then it verifies the download, next is checking updates, then it basically looks at your system and gets ready to see if it can keep everything you already had. Warning, it is probably good to save stuff you don't want to loose, just in case. In other words, make a copy of all your "stuff". I did, but I didn't need it - so far.

After that is all done, it reboots and comes up to the screen where it starts copying files. Then it reboots again and installs drivers and other files. It reboots one more time and does the settings and when you come to this screen, you might not want to use express settings. Instead you might want to look for the tiny Customize settings over in the bottom left corner.

The first customizing screen.

The second customizing screen.

Then it goes to show you the "NEW" default apps, where Windows does everything for you, at a cost of telling everyone in the world what you have, as all your stuff gets access. so you might want to again "choose your own default apps".

If you do, then you can uncheck these apps before you load windows for the first time. There's descriptions of what they do.

Now I load straight to the desktop and on the taskbar there is a new item. A search box, so you can directly access Bing right from your desktop. I can't get rid of it. It's permanent, like it or not. Right click the taskbar, look for "search", then "hidden". Thanks to Fritz15 for pointing out the obvious, LOL. Also, if you click in the search box, a window comes up where you can assess settings and also see "Cortina". I am not familiar with her, nor do I want to, so I shut her off, by not allowing her access to my "stuff", like my location, etc.

You can access a bunch of settings with this window. All kinds of settings if you look around.

It's basically the Control Panel for Tablets. You can also get to the regular control panel in the regular manner.

Finally, here's the new browser look. Looks just like Chrome to me. Plain white with gray words, no menu, no nothing, no easy access to anything and don't even tell me I can access with ten different key clicks, because that is NOT easier than one mouse click! It's supposed to be easier, not harder. Less movement, less keystrokes is easier and more advanced, but more keystrokes is going backwards to DOS. Sorry, I just hate keystrokes. I love my rollerball mouse. It's so easy.

I'm done, again..., but not for long.

Oh, Classic start menu worked fine. When the desktop first loaded with Win 10, a pop up came up saying that classic had to configure to the new windows. I clicked on it and it configured fine.

The whole "new look" of windows is basically flat and boring. White backgrounds in all the pop ups and menus. White and black or gray text. Looks like we went back to the stone age of computing, just to make it work for tablets. Oh well, life goes on. Some day I will not be on the net any more because the only thing that will work is a tablet and I won't do the touch thing. I don't even text on a phone, nor do I have the text feature, on my phone.

Hmm, interesting that you find it even more annoying than Windows 8.x.

This is rather worrisome too:

But to solve the immediate annoyances, OL, you might want to try this:
Basically, this will get you back to some sane defaults, almost identical to Windows 7.

And I know you’re a Windows guy OL, but if you ever want help at trying Linux let me know. It’s served me well for many years.

Microsoft’s best product was Windows XP, next one is similar-familiar Windows 7.
Merging tablet and PC OS is a very bad idea.
I am using Windows 7 even the device has came with Windows 8.

I switched to Win7 only last year. Before that I used XP for more than ten years. Really do not want to go Win8.1 unless no choice at all.

i think my auto update to win 10 is on… i havent turned on my desktop for a few days either

hopefully it doesnt download and auto install!

time to boot up in safe mode and rip it out!

It won’t auto switch you to Windows 10, you have to ask for it and install it, and it is free for the next year.

SB, I already have classic shell and it adapted over to Win 10, but it's the unlimited and unwanted knowledge sharing that just angers me. I signed into Google plus using the new edge browser and immediately got a notice from Microsoft with all my Google information in it, saying that I just signed into Google. What is that? They really are pushing on individual rights and freedoms. I'm going back and wiping my drive and reinstalling windows 8.1. At least with 8.1 I could turn off all that crap.

Microsoft thinks it is a demigod any more. They really are infringing on personal freedom. I expect it from the government, but MS is not the government - yet...

I’ve been using the Win 10 Technical Preview for several months in a VM and it’s been working quite well. In fact I’m browsing and posting in the forum from it right now. I’ve had very little trouble with it and it is very much like Win 7 if you stay out of the Metro interface and associated apps. I needed to expand the storage on one of my laptops anyway, so I’m going to buy a bigger HD and clone it before letting it upgrade, just in case “something happens”.


YEch. I had hoped MS would have learned from their Mistake™ with Windows 8, but apparently not. It looks like they broke the good/bad cycle:

Windows95 - Bad
Windows 98SE - Good
Windows ME - Bad
Windows XP - Good
Windows Vista - Bad
Windows 7 - Good
Windows 8 - Bad
Windows 10 - Double-BAD

Well, I had to try 10, you know how it is, but, no, it does not auto install. It will auto download and tell you when it is ready though. It did that to mine this morning and my wife just got the little white window icon, showing it's ready for hers. I told her to not do it.


Yep, this is definitely a much bigger issue than the interface changes. That’s the main reason why I don’t use Windows (or OSX due to similarly creepy privacy violations). Linux on the desktop definitely isn’t perfect, but at least it’s created by a group of the few remaining people that actually still care about privacy, and it’s not controlled by corporate interests.

As for downgrading from Windows 10, looks like you’ll need to jump on it pretty quickly:

If you need more time to decide whether 10 is good, bad or ugly, you can either backup the entire HD or run the Easy Transfer wizard and save your profile and documents. Then you can either restore the HD image or reinstall the original OS and transfer your profile back.


I have a couple test machines I am installing it on… i was hoping there would be no metro interface side of it… I did get the “Something happened” error just downloading it as an ISO… is that the new MS Windows error to expect?! lol.

I have bad feelings about all of this.

I sometimes have to go back to windows in order to use automotive diagnostic software. It drives me insane still.

Fired up a windows 7 machine recently, which hadn’t been used for some time, and it spent a good 20 minutes installing updates before I could use it.

For everything else, I use Linux Mint. Clean, simple, fast and effective. Oh, and pretty easy too. If OL intends a full wipe and reinstall, I recommend at least trying this before going back to win7.

I installed Windows 10 and I freaking hate it!!!! Luckily I installed it on a new Hard Drive. That said, I put my old HD with Windows 7 back in, and I'm back to normal.

Also, my main OS is OSX Mavericks and Yosemite on my 3 Macs. Never thought I's say this because I've been a Windows user since the early 90's, the mac OS blows away Windows any day of the week

What flavor of Linux do you like? I`m considering Zorin.
People considering Linux might want to start here

I run straight-up Ubuntu at the moment, but possibly the best option for a new Windows refugee would be the Mate Edition of Ubuntu:

Or if you have any other preferences or special requirements there are a million (almost literally) other options, of which I have used most of them. :slight_smile:

But the thing is, at least the way I understand it, is that Windows will always check to see if it has a valid license, and after upgrading to Windows 10 your license gets marked in Microsoft’s database as having been upgraded to Windows 10 and they revoke it for prior versions (after the 1-month grace period.) So even if you restore a disk image, it will contact the MS license server and be rejected.

Or maybe I’m wrong?