Winner announced: Giveaway: 1,000 posts and 2-year anniversary of ""ReyLight"

Congrats to 8#.

Been 2.5 years here, I'm finally reaching to 1000 posts. Meanwhile, I just realized it's 2-year anniversary of ""ReyLight". It's a TLF&BLF Version of TrustFire Mini-02. Here is a Germany Review. Together with another new TrustFire Z10, with engraving of "BLF Rey" and my Chinese family name "叶". (Hope you don't mind.)


3 days to pick up the winner. next Monday, about 11:00 a.m. GTM+8.

One member one entry, Germany members have Two entries though.

I’m in. Thanks for the giveaway.

Please count me in too! Thanks

I’m in!
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice giveaway, WWEFANS!

I'm in. 8)

Please count me in!

[quote= Germany members have Two entries though.


I wore German paratrooper wings on my American uniform, do I get two entries?

I’m in.


I am in

Regards Xandre

I’m in, thanks!


I am in

Sure i’m in.


Nice giveaway! I’m in.

Please count me in. Very nice giveaway. Thanks!

I’m in too

I'm in .........

I’m in! Thanks :party:

I’m in!

I’m in!

Count me in!