Winner Announced: Sunwayman D40A and R15A Giveaway

Congrats AlexGT! If you can PM Banggood with your address, that would be great!


Hey guys, here’s another giveaway! The prize is the Sunwayman D40A and R15A flashlight gift set.


Who: Any BLF member with 25+ posts. If you join BLF because of this giveaway, you need to promise to come back even after the giveaway has ended! The winner will be selected via and is encouraged to make a review of the set.

What: The prize is the Sunwayman D40A and R15A flashlight gift set, provided by Banggood.


(1/14/14 12:00PM KST)

Where: Right here at BLF! The winner will be picked via


Please share the most memorable experience you had during the Christmas holidays.
Your post number is the ticket number, so please one post per member. Have fun! :wink:

lucky #1

my most memorable experience was spending 2 weeks of from work with my wife :slight_smile:

I am in for the give away - thanks

I am in!
There was not a great Christmas but was memorable than the wife of a friend that was in hospital very bad days 24 and 25 december even and she can go out from hospital well a week later.

My 6 year old niece kept track of everyone when we began talking about that santa claus might come soon. If someone went to the bathroom she stood outside watching… finally santa claus came, and everyone was still there. So she couldn’t tell who was playing santa claus this year :bigsmile:

I’m in then!

going to the beach (Southern Calif) and seeing all the families out celebrating the Day.

thanks for the giveaway -

Thanks for the chance. I am in!
I took my son (6 years old) to his first and second ski! He did very well.

Sure, what the heck. I already bought one, so I might as well try for a freebie and halve the cost!

Thanks for the contest, BG - you’re making headway in the marketplace.

Count me in! Thank you!

I'm in !

Me , my brother and an old family friend drove up to our tree farm in south Georgia with some liquor , firearms , and ATVs .

We built a fire , shot up some paper targets , and rode around in the woods drinkin' and hell raisin' .

I’m in! Having my daughter home from college was one of the best parts of this Christmas

I am in! Thanks :slight_smile:

Wow thanks for this giveaway. I always had my sites set on the d40a. Looks to be one of the best made 4xAA led flashlights available.

My most memorable christmas holiday moment this year was all the good food that everyone cooked and brought to the dinner table. Wish I could have that meal every night for dinner.


Proposing to my girlfriend with our kids as my entourage was by far the most memorable moment during christmas, and life changing aswell. (She said yes).

This was the first Christmas I spent alone and without any family. My mother passed away recently so I thought about her a lot. I miss her a great deal.

My best moment during this holiday was eating Thai sukiyaki with my wife and all my direct family. Great moment to share.

IM IN !!!

Im in, Going to see my Family

I’m in, thanks for the giveaway!

My most memorable Christmas experience this year was finally having all 5 siblings in my life after a long absence from hearing from my twin sisters. Thanks again!

What another great giveaway here on BLF!

I’m in!

My most memorable memory with christmas is nothing special, but just having a great time with friends and family, eating a lot of nice stuff, drinking all kinds of tasty drinks, laughing, playing games. Showing off my newest flashlights and getting them more and more interested in lights too.