Winner Announcement-GearBest Halloween Giveaway for BLF: Who Get the Nitecore P20?


Hi guys, list the coupon that we already have, hope you can enjoy it.

Hi Aardvark and Calmaja

the price is $13.49 with coupon GBSF349 for SingFire SF-349

@antiparanoico, the price is $64.99 with coupon M170 for Roche M170

@dolbysys , the price is $13.99 with coupon NEWC8 for New Edition Convoy C8

@I ant, the price is $15.99 with coupon GBDQG for D.Q.G 60,

@I antlagman, the price is $16.99 with coupon GB13S for Olight i3S.


Thanks for all your participation and congratulation our lucky winner :crown:

It’s gismoduck1978, please check your pm for the details :wink:

Happy Halloween BLF guys 8)

I guess most of you are preparing for the Halloween party now, nope? then how about dropping into this Halloween Giveaway with the prize of Nitecore P20 H)

How to win:

To enter in the giveaway, just choose any one of the topics bellow to comment in :wink:

1. Funny pics for Halloween or a cool Halloween story.

2. what’s the costume you like for Halloween party? (either pics or words is ok)

3. what’s your gifts to your Halloween monsters? (your children/friends/family)

4. What’s the next light in your list? (the link you found it)

If I could in, I would post these pics, they are so cute

but this pic frighten me

Edit: Well, we will choose the only one winner at November 3rd via is Sunday LOL)

Enjoy :party:

My 3yr old is going as Obi Wan! Costume isn’t done yet….lol.

Happy Halloween, everyone! 8)

I’m making s’mores for the little monsters.

I guess this will be my next flashlight then :-) ...

Well, all topics covered…

1. Home-made (first time)

2. None. We don’t really celebrate Hallowen here. It is mostly fun for kids (dressing up etc) just like any other fun.

3. Nothing. See above.

4. would be nice

2. what’s the costume you like for Halloween party? (either pics or words is ok)

I saw my nephew wear the Capt. America costume for their Halloween party.

2) I like vampires but i don’t think i will dress any costume

3) Here in Italy there’s no gift for halloween


I’m in!

4) Next light: is already on the way! :slight_smile:

One of the little ones is going as Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie.

2. i did not celebrate Halloween
3. see no.2
4. Jax Z1 if i can find just the host :expressionless:

Oddly enough, my next light is the Nitecore P20

This will be the next light in my link. I want to get all 3 sizes.

I would like to see Trick or Treats coming

4. Maybe this one:

New sunwayman D40C

I want to be a moose for Halloween.