winner drawn! 1k posts + birthday = GIVEAWAY

winner drawn

look here for the details

Hey guys!

on Nov. 3rd its my birthday and i am near my 1.000 th post here in that great forum!

so i thought i combine that and give away a light:

the nitecore sens is a nice little thingy - but i am not into it.
maybe it makes a new owner happy….

tha rulez:

  • you must be a member before Nov 1st 2014
  • you may post 41 times (as many years as i am) or less - but you are out when posting more than 41
  • you have to post one funny pic per post - every post a different one !
  • NO pictures more that one time allowed in the thread
  • on my PC i have CET as timezone (so are your posts marked)
  • i will choose a timestamp (any moment) on Nov. 3rd between 00:00 and 23:59 (maybe 12:34 - or another ;))
  • the nearest post to that time will win.

good luck!

I first read that “you MUST post 41 times” LOL Happy birthday amigo.

not in, (don’t like that model) but…


Happy Birthday you must be a fast learner for 3.

Hippy barthday!

Happy Birthday :bigsmile:

Happy birthday!

Thanks guys!

but tomorrow ist the day :wink:

updated the OP - hopefully its clearer now.
not being a native speaker is sometimes tricky to find easy to understand descriptions :wink:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Congratulations for tomorrow, and for the 1k-post-soon-to-come. I do like that little light :-) In!

Always fun to have fun w/ cats…

In please!

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday :)

thanks -

(what to do with unsolicited advice)

happy birthday!

happy bday

Thanks for the chance!! :party: