WINNER PICKED, GIVEAWAY for reaching 1000 posts by southland.

Winner is post #42, Billy X, tried to unsuccessfully post the screenshot from

Hit 1000 posts so it’s time for a giveaway, pick your prize. Choose one of the Solarstorm light below and I will pay for it and have it shipped to you. If they will only ship to the paypal address, you pay and I will reimburse you through paypal. This is the only way to include everyone internationally because of the outrageous new shipping rates.

Solarstorm SC01
Solarstorm SC02
Solarstorm SC03

Might be able to choose another light if you don’t like any of these.


  1. You must live on Earth.
  2. You must have been a member before April 1, 2014
  3. You must have at least 25 posts by the time of the drawing.
  4. You must post a picture/logo of your favorite sports team/athlete or your favorite singer/musician/band along with the name.
  5. You can only post once.

Will draw in a week or more.

Edit: Added “band” to rule #4, should have been there all along, just overlooked.

F.c. águila team soccer of the El Salvador

Finger-picking ace Mark Knopfler.

Thanks for offering prizes.

Hawthorn AFL Footy club

I like sc01

I’m in. Thank you.

die Antwoord

i like the SC02…


Congratulations Southland! And a nice givaway, I had been eying the SC-02 already :-)



Jimmy Page.




Thanks for the giveaway, southland!

Just about the only rapper I listen to is mc chris.

(parental discretion is advised)

Looks like I'm lucky #13! ;)

Steely Dan

atlanta braves
sco2 looks nice

Nice Giveaway. Hard to choose which one I´d pick.

I am in…


Fernando Alonso

ouch I forgot… I want the sc01 (or another light for the same or less price……)