Hello everyone

Thank you so much for all your support , here is the Winners announced!



118. Warzi1975
95. Trmgkl

E70-AL with camping light bulb

9. Id30209
84. Pol77

Please contact us and provide us with your name , address , postal code and phone number, we will send out the package and give you the tracking number as fast as possible.

Please continue to pay attention to ACEBEAM, we will have more new products and prizes in 2021, thanks again for your love and support !

Congrats to Warzi1975, Trmgkl, Id30209, and Pol77!

Way to go, winners! And thanks Acebeam for the giveaway and being active on our forum!

Congratulations to all the winners! Looking forward to the next giveaway.

Congrats winners! Thanks Acebeam for the GAW.

Congrats to Warzi1975, Trmgkl, Id30209 & Pol77!

Thanks for the giveaway, Acebeam!

Congrats to the winners, and thanks again Acebeam for the giveaway and great prizes. :beer:

Congratulations to the winners!

Congrats everyone!

Congratz to all!

Well, thank you! That’s a big surprise!

Congratulations to all of us.
Thank you, Acebeam.

The first time I’ve won something.
Thanks Acebeam
It is a big surprise this morning.


Congrats to the winners and thank you for the GAW, Acebeam :wink:


I WON!!!????

And PM sent :)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the giveaway.

Wow. That was ….
Anyway. This is budget forum. Acebeam are expencive and never be popular here.

Wow! this is awesome to see! Thanks Acebeam for being active on the forum like this, and congrats to the Winners!

I wish i would've saw this! :) gotta keep those eyes open for the GAW

Acebeam shipped my E10 today.


My E70 was shipped too! Very efficient!