Winners Annoucement!!! UltraFire flashlights that under $10 Give Away in TinyDeal!!

Hi guys,

We have some cheap but quality UltraFire flashlights that under $10 to give away to you~~

The four flashlights as below:





Just to choose the one you's like and post it in the thread. You will get a chance to acquire it for free.

I will select 4 of you from the thread to give away the four different flashlights. But you need to join in first.

All you need is to do a brief or detail reviews for us after you get it. To show other BLF members how this flashlight work and its quality.

So do you agree with this idea and choose one you love most?

Just go ahead to do it!!!


1.Every member of BLF before 8/25/2014 can join this giveaway. One entry valid for per person.

2.The four winners will be select on 9/2/2014 using Random. Org.

Thanks for your respond to this thread.

And i am going to use Random. Org to select the winners on 14:54 9/2/2014 now.

Winners are below:

to Legolas Jr.

to Chloe

to DenBarrettSAR

to xelario


I will PM your guys(Legolas Jr., Chloe, DenBarrettSAR, xelario) to get the detailed information and send the product to you!!

Remember to do a review about your love one~~

I would pick C since I am curious how that one’s zoom mechanism works.

B for me.


since i don´t have a XM-L zoomie and my sk68 would love to have a big brother!

thanks for the chance!

C for me ,thanks for the giveaway.

Thanks for the giveaway,!

I like A as long as it does not have next-mode memory. 8)

‘A’ here please

D :smiley:

A. I have two of these, same color…not bad little lights…sure zoomies, but I give em to the muggles and they are quite pleased with em

A! Thank you for your giveaway

A for me please thank you.

A for me ,thanks for the giveaway.

You folks do realize you have to do a review if you win.

B for me. Thanks!

Can we saw em in half? :smiley:

“brief or detail reviews”
not hard to do a pretty decent “brief” review (and be objective about it)

Because I like the colour


Just because there is a choice :bigsmile:

Thanks for the give away.

Cheers David



Thanks for the give away
I have a similar to A so i choose the *B *for me pls