(winnner announced)what's the time now

Sorry for late to get the winner, due to visit the acebeam company yesterday. yeah acebeam, really high quality flashlights.

OK the new winner is number 6

random form the http://www.random.org/

so the winner is driveX


It's 1 am in China, midnight. today is Saturday and the Chinese Valentine's Day,but I still need to work when the sun rise.

for fun, I want to make a giveaway.


1,what't the time now and your zones and country

2,take a photo show this time what's the scenery now out of your house.

End date:August 4 1am (East 8 zone )

the prize; imalent SA04

review: by ChibiM https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/27930

by JohnnyMac https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/28017

PS:firstly I want to random the time zones to choose the winner, but some not leave the time zone, so the winner just be random.

but if convenient, pls add your time zone.

OK,Total 57 join in,thanks for let us see so many beautiful landscape. the winner will be random out later.

1. bushwhacked
2. bgyen
4. musicmagic
5. dangerous
6. driveX
7. islisis
8. jmpaul320
9. DBCstm
10. xelario
11. downlinx
12. Flitsmal
13. Ervin Anastasi
14. unknown00101
15. g22dru
16. leaftye
17. saypat
18. lagman
19. samgalax
20. harry218
21. M4D M4X
22. mm166
23. kronological
24. Fox
25. Bort
26. Yourrid
27. Sirius9
28. James3
29. johnnydoe
30. 0elcid0
31. Blinky1
32. sunnycoaster
33. maciex93
34. tatasal
35. aL1
36. kralyevski
37. ImA4Wheelr
38. AlexGT
39. Pregulla
40. strongest2004
41. raccoon city
42. pommie
43. tirma
44. freeme
45. arekm
46. mhanlen
47. 18sixfifty
48. Rusty Joe
49. jealous57
50. MoZuKa
51. buttholeflashlight
52. HBomb
53. will manners
54. can
55. kst
56. djozz
57. Prometheus

It’s 2:06pm here.

From my break bench at work.

It’s 10AM on the west coast of Canada - PST. Sunny day today.

Its 3:26AM here in Australia. To dark for a photo!

’merica, in the EST time zone.

It’s 19:36 and raining here

2.45am and close your eyes to imagine it =)

1:45 PM here.


12:56PM Central Time Zone, Texas, USA

Unofficially, dangerous wins the other giveaway and I’ll be delivering it personally, where on that beach do you want me to bring it? :stuck_out_tongue:

21:26 (or 9:26 PM for you ’Mericans ;)) in Lithuania. EEST (Eastern European Summer Time) UTC/GMT +3 hours.

P.S. I win, because there’s a flashlight in the picture :smiley:

View out my office window time is 2:30pm

20h35, South Africa, that is the moon rising in case you can make it out…

Thanks for the giveaway, these imalent lights look very interesting!

8:40 PM
Tirane Albania

I’m guessing you don’t work a whole lot…. :stuck_out_tongue:

1:44pm Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

Trees everywhere.

Hey we have those on our roofs too :bigsmile:

Now see, you just don’t get that out in the country! Dadgummit! Need me a high rise…uh, well, you know what I mean!

Thanks for the chance!

1:55 here in Central Arkansas (Central Daylight Time(CDT))

Outside the office

12:02 p.m. Calif PST

I know that view, hehe