[WIP] Motorcycle LED high beams

Hi all,
Im’ currently on project for my motorcycle.
I own a 2006 GSF (Bandit) and find the high beams a bit weak on night travel.
So instead of buying some specific LED spot I decided to build some.
I find the inspiration here : http://www.instructables.com/id/Improved-high-power-LED-bike-head-light-with-integ/
But I changed the housing for something simpler : just a 22mm copper tube with a 3mm thick copper plate (I made this with a saw and my Dremel).

I will then put some XML-2 T6-3B on 20mm star and was thinking of putting this driver (one in each spot) : http://intl-outdoor.com/ld4b-24a-17mm-buck-driver-3v16v-p-817.html

Is it good to use with 12V supply (yes) but with only ONE LED ?
I think it’s ok, since it ’s regulated to 2400mA, but is the Vf too low ? (the description say 2x XP-G etc…)

EDIT : I will use some TIR optic 60 degrees

I reply to myself, was thinking out loud…
I can maybe use only one driver and wire the LEDs in series.
The two spotlight will be near of each one so the wires won’t be too long.
What do you think ?
DO you know a good 12V driver with at least 2A of output current ?

Was going to suggest if those don’t work to try the “Morimoto” HID headlight kit , but I cant find one listed for that bike.

Have one on my big boat (Yamaha Royal Star Venture) and on high beam it is almost like driving in the daylight.

Yeah, thank for the idea but I really liked my old setup with these :

So I try to have the same installation with smaller spotlight.

I received my drivers yesterday so I put it together with 2xXML2-T6-4C on 20mm alu star, and 45 degrees TIR optics from FT.
The shells are made of 22mm copper tube with a plate soldered inside. The star is then held in place on the plate with thermal grease.
I then put heatshrink to cover them in black, and wired in parrallel with the high beam.
It’s reaaly white side by side with the stock hallogen bulbs !
The 45 degrees are really floody but I didn’t tested them on night conditions so maybe I’ll replace them with 25 or 10 degrees ones.
Here are two pics, I’ll make more on night.

Beamshots would be nice :D!

Sure, will do !
Winter is here, so high beams might be really useful soon on the morning (and maybe evening after work).

Very interested in your results as well. I’ve considered trying something similar for my car.

Considering the size of the lights, it could be integrated eveywhere on a car without seeing it !

As promised, a few beamshots :
Stock low beam

Stock high beam

Stock high beam + bazillion lumens high powered frigging LED high beam

The final optic choice is 25° TIR optic, for a nice mix of flood and throw, I just done a quick 5kms trip in dark night on twisty road and it’s amazing…Not like riding on daylight but really bright !

Bonus fly-covered headlight + LED high beams pics

How about spill to the sides, aint too blinding for other commuters?

High beams = no other commuters…
I would not use any non stock headlight while crossing cars/bikes/trucks on the road

Ah, yeah, high beams…

Quick update, I finally chosed 10° optics, because the 25° were too wide.
No, the beam is as throwy as the original high beam, which is great but much more intense :slight_smile:

The driver must be handling the voltage from your bike ok?

They are rated for 3v to 16v input voltage so even with the voltage variation of my motorcycle it must be ok.

Update on these, they totally changed…
First of all, both drivers fried after some use…
One LED didn’t survived and the other is barely usable anymore.
I now use 2 18350 S2+ hosts, with the same XM-L2 4C on Noctigons, 10° TIR optics and one driver bought here
It seems to be more reliable as the driver is tougher than the iOS ones…
We’ll see
PS : pics are coming, I have to do some