WITHDRAWN; a set of 4 flashlights: Skyray King, BLF Mini, Solarforce L2P and the Roche F12 clone all for $50

All lights withdrawn for the moment.

Want to sell some lights that are actually some shelf queens.

Never ever used them outside!

there are 3.
SRK from DX
the BLF mini
and a SF L2P host
All for only $45.

And adding today, May 16, the E-Smart xm-l U2 for another $5.

so the set of 4 flashlights for only $50
Shipping will be $10 economy airmail,
and add $1 if you want the original SRK box, because that will add weight.

The value before any discounts for all these 4 lights is still $100 (at the places that I bought them from)

They come without batteries.

First want to try to sell them as a set.

$50 plus shipping

Will not send them as a gift, and will put the total amount on the box.
so if you`re worried about having to pay import tax, please think twice

I only sell it to someone with more than 50 posts here on BLF.

Yep, many of my lights have become shelf kings (sky ray KING). I already have the Fandyfire UV-S5 and BLF Mini, and have no use for L2P host! Hope your lights found themselves a good owner :slight_smile:

I want to buy, need to find out how much shipping is first. I’ll check…….
EDIT: Sorry, lil too much for me.

Shipping should/will be less than $10,

Don’t know the exact weight but the lights alone are only about 500 gram together.

Yea, wallbuys has the gold srk for $32 right now, (when you add the coupon code) but I really had my sights set on a black one, if I can ever find a good one at a decent price.

Sending is going to be $9 for the EU and US,

which is economy airmail. (should arrive within 2-3 weeks)

airmail will be $15 (should arrive within 1 week)

any more questions about shipping etc, please send me a PM.

Today I will add the E smart XM-L U2 for another $5
(only sold as a set, if I cant sell them as a set I will consider selling them seperate, but not for $5)

So all 4 lights for only $50 plus shipping

Shipping will be at least $10 (economy airmail)

if you want the original box for the SRK, please add $1 (because of weight)

only selling to a BLF member with at least 50 posts

I’ll take them. PM sent.

PM replied.

Shipping to my part of the country ended up being more expensive. The items in the OP are back up for grabs to anyone interested.